19 Best Unity Game Templates and Toolkits

One of the many reasons why Unity is loved by many game developers is due to its big asset store with many ready-to-use assets. Unity game templates are among the most popular assets.

RPG Builder

RPG Builder is a toolkit to create RPG games in Unity without much coding.

It has built-in functions which you can drag and drop to Unity Editor to adjust properties to create a working feature.

  • Abilities
  • AI
  • NPC Spawner System
  • Stats
  • Talent Trees
  • Target Combat
  • Action Combat
  • Pet System
  • Bonuses
  • Ability Tags
  • Ability Animations & Particles

Tower Defense Toolkit 4 (TDTK)

TDTK a framework within Unity which comes with a variety of tools that are flexible and configurable to create tower defense games of any kind.


  • It supports a wide variety of gameplay mechanics such as campaign, procedural spawn generation, and endless mode.
  • A flexible path system controls the enemy’s path.
  • It comes with some pre-defined types for both towers and monsters.
  • There are plenty of stats to adjust for various unit statuses/effects/buffs/debuffs.
  • The Ability system allows developers to add skills or abilities to players.
  • The Perk system allows developers to make custom tech-tree or skill-book.
  • It works on both mobile and desktop.
  • You can replace the placeholder models and assets easily with yours.
  • If you don’t want to work with code to add new features, you can use only editors to customize your game.
  • Full C# source codes are included after purchasing.

Tower Defense Template Kit

Tower Defense Template Kit (TD) is a kit for making a 2D tower defense game with mechanics seen in many popular games such as Royal Revolt 2, Kingdom Rush, Castle Defense, and Bloons TD.


  • The kit includes a level editor that will greatly make map-making easy.
  • It is ready to be published. You only need to change graphic assets to make it a final product.
  • It comes with different types of monetization methods such as Admob, Unity ads, and IAP (Google Play).
  • All units and towers have power-ups and upgraded modes.

UFPS: Ultimate FPS

UFPS is a professional package for developing first-person control games which can run smoothly on multi-platform, including PC, mobile, console, and VR. Shooter game is not the only genre this template can make. Any developer can use it to develop a shooter or mage battle with a first-person perspective.


  • UFPS brings many unique features to the table. It has a spring system that allows for fluid, procedural first-person animations, adding new abilities without changing any of the core components. Changing the gravity direction or the time scale on a per-character basis is also another good feature.
  • It has a professional, kinematic character controller designed, including Kinematic Character Controller, First Person Camera Controller, Dynamic Gravity System, Advanced Moving Platform System, Extensible Ability System, Procedural Spring Animations, Full Body Awareness, Split Screen Support, Supports Universal Render Pipeline, Inverse Kinematics (IK), Dynamic Effects with Surface System, Damage System, Build Characters in Seconds.
  • Item features: Wide Variety of Shootable Weapons, Extensible Magic Items, Throwable Items, Flashlight, Special Attacks, Visible Trajectory Curve, Pickup Objects, Object Pooler, Build Items in Seconds.
  • Abilities: Align to Ground, Align to Gravity Zone, Damage Visualization, Die, Drive, Fall, Generic, Height Change, Idle, Interact, Item Equip Verifier, Item Pullback, Jump, Lean, Move Towards, NavMesh Movement, Pickup Item, Quick Start, Quick Stop, Quick Turn, Ragdoll, Restrict Position, Restrict Rotation, Revive, Ride, Rideable, Slide, Speed Change, Stop Movement Animation, Target Orbit.
  • It can be used with A* Pathfinding Project, Adventure Creator, Behavior Designer, Cinemachine, Control Freak, DestroyIt, Dialogue System, Easy Touch, Final IK, FPS Mesh Tool, Horse Animset Pro, InControl, Input System, Love/Hate, Playmaker, PuppetMaster, Quest Machine, Rewired, Ultimate Inventory System, UMA.

Top Down Shooter ToolKit (TDS-TK)

TDS-TK is the best choice when it comes to making 3D top-down games, be it a shooter or medieval fight.


  • Bullet modification – You can create/edit bullet type by adjusting projectile asset, damage, range, etc…
  • Ability and perk system – Adding ability and skill tree is a breeze.
  • It has a large variety of enemy types with different behaviors such as standing still at obstacles, and chasing after players.

Turn-Based ToolKit (TBTK)

This template kit is developed with the purpose of aiming for the easy construction of a variety of turn-based games.

Similar to TDS-TK, you can modify any aspects of the game including enemy types, gun types, skills, and abilities.

TCG Engine – Online Card Game

The TCG Engine serves as a comprehensive blueprint for creating internet-based card games using Unity. It accommodates both individual and multiplayer modes on a secure, trusted server.


  • Implements a card game system with play mechanics, attack modes, mana, HP, and abilities.
  • Facilitates both individual and multiplayer games.
  • Allows controls for both desktop and mobile.
  • Includes user sign-in feature and a user database via a Web API.
  • Runs on a secure, trusted game server.
  • Provides easy game pairing.
  • Allows for card collection, opening packs, and in-game spending.
  • Incorporates a leaderboard and friend list.
  • Includes AI programmed with the Minimax algorithm.
  • Offers customizable card abilities.

Why is the TCG Engine preferred to similar products?

  • Provides a plethora of additional features, like AI, pack opening, user sign-in, and ELO ranking.
  • Utilizes Scriptable Objects for cards and abilities.
  • Allows for several games to be operated from a single server process.
  • Enables running the game directly in Unity from any scene for expedited testing.
  • Both the client and game server operate using the same Unity project.
  • The same code is used for game logic in individual, multiplayer, and AI prediction modes.
  • The code for UI and visuals is clearly distinguished from the core rules and effects code.
  • It makes use of Unity’s official networking: Netcode (third-party assets are not required).
  • The login’s web API is secure, using HTTP and jwt.
  • The creator of this asset has an impressive record of published card games for diverse clients.
  • Swift and easy-to-access support is provided via Discord.

City-Building Kit

It is not an easy task to make a city builder strategy game from scratch. That’s why we need this kit.

The main purpose of this kit is to help develop mobile city-building strategy games with PvP battles. It will help you save thousands of hours.


  • Building Items Art
  • Character Art
  • Animated Characters
  • Terrain Art
  • 2D Integration
  • Item Data (XML)
  • 12 Creators C# Scripts
  • Construction / Timer Scripts
  • 2D Gameboard Setup + Scripting
  • Player XP Allocation
  • Gestures (e.g.DragandDrop)
  • Kinetic Mobile Scrolling
  • Desktop Mouse Scrolling
  • HUD Art and Scripting
  • Game Store Menu
    InApp Purchase Menu
  • Weather Controls
  • Nighttime Gameplay Support
  • Defensive Structures
  • Defensive Walls
  • Terrain Removables
  • Selector Scripts
  • Camera Controller
  • Destruction Effects
  • Dissolve Effects
  • Projectile Effects
  • 3D Effects
  • Terrain Collider
  • Terrain Selector
  • Sound FX Scripting
  • Projectile Scripting
  • Weapon Controls
  • Defense Controls
  • Unit Graves
  • Unit Pathfinding
  • PvP Battle Processor (Helios AI)
  • PvP Battle Guide
  • PvP Internal Operations Console
  • PvP Groups Control
  • PvP Cheats (for development)
  • Combat Unit AI
  • Combat Defense AI
  • Resource Generation + Storage
  • NPC Demo (Builder Animation)
  • Client/Server State Sync
  • Server Software + Testing
  • Beginner Tutorial
  • Sound Effects

ORK Framework – RPG Engine

ORK Framework allows you to create your own RPG game without writing a single line of code. It allows you to set up your status system, characters, enemies, equipment, and everything else you need in the ORK editor.

ORK supports four different types of battle systems, including Turn-Based, Active Time, Real-Time, and Phase, with a wide range of settings. Its node-based event system allows you to create cut scenes and dialogues, animate your battles, add custom game mechanics, and many other things.

It has all features of an RPG game ready, including a flexible status system, Ability (skill) system, Inventory system, Equipment system, Crafting system, Quest system with automatic progress monitoring, Battle and movement AI, Menus, shops, and HUDs, Support for multiple languages, Save games, Factions, Bestiary system, Plugin system, and many others.


uMMO is the best tool for rapid prototyping, especially for open-world MMOs. The kit will help you make an MMO RPG, Shooter, RTS, etc… It has a powerful input engine which is automatic input synchronization between server and client (authoritative server setup). It serializes everything out-of-the-box in order to secure data transferred between server and client.


uMOBA is a MOBA game kit. It contains all the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena core features to make an addictive MOBA.


  • Same Scripts for Client & Server
  • Beautiful, customizable UI
  • Huge MOBA-sized map
  • Uses Unity’s new UI system
  • Players, Monsters, NPCs
  • Jungle Creeps
  • Towers, Barracks, Bases
  • Fog of War & Team Proximity Checker
  • Movement via Navigation
  • Animations via Mecanim
  • Beautiful 3D Models
  • Top, Middle, and Bottom Lanes
  • Team-based Health Bars
  • Team, All, Whisper, Info Chat
  • Minimap
  • Levels
  • Scriptable Skills & Buffs
  • Items & Gold
  • Hero Selection
  • NPC Trading
  • PvP
  • Weighted NavMesh Areas for Monster AI
  • Mouseover Outline effect
  • Death and Respawning
  • Only 3000 lines of carefully crafted C# Code
  • Secure: all Logic is simulated on the Server
  • The server can run on Linux in Headless mode
  • MOBA Camera with Zoom
  • Lobby & Team selection
  • Network Time Synchronization
  • Platform Independent
  • Mobile Support
  • Free of Deadlocks & Race Conditions
  • Death and Respawning

Hexa Puzzle Block

Hexa Puzzle Block is a block puzzle game kit. Its mechanic is to drag pieces to board and fill up all grids. The kit supports 4 difficulties ranging from Beginner to Expert and in 240 levels in total.

It is not only a kit but also a completed game with designer, sound, effects, gameplay, full map, full resource, and full animation.

Match 3 Sweet Sugar

Match 3 Sweet Sugar is a ready-to-publish game kit. You only need to change the assets to publish a new working game with all features.


  • Facebook implemented – a leaderboard, friends on the map, invite and share (Instagram, Telegram, Whatsapp, and others).
  • Rotation is supported in this project – portrait and landscape.
  • Easy-to-Use editor – create your unique levels without programming knowledge.
  • Optimized for Mobile – UI resizes to all types and resolutions of mobile devices.
  • 100 tested levels – created for preview. Use them as starting point for your game.
  • Mini Game (Bonus Spin) and Daily Rewards (integrated Anti-time cheat)
  • Dynamic Reskin – change in one place, change everywhere!
  • Gravity and teleports – set the directions for the movement of items on a game field.
  • Scrollable sub-levels
  • PSD map included
  • Unity IAP’s purchases integrated
  • IAP’s editor – allows one to set the cost and number.
  • Ads Monetization – Unity Ads, Admob, Chartboost, Rewarded ads, and over 60 ads demand sources…
  • Game tutorials – visual and tabs
  • Life Shop – to coins or watch the video ad.
  • In-game privacy policy included
  • Localization tool – localize the game to any language.
  • Rewarded video
  • Coins Shop
  • Booster Shop
  • Localized Price

Jelly Garden Match 3 Complete Project

Jelly Garden Kit is a complete match-3 tool for Unity.


  • Facebook implemented – leaderboard, friends on the map, invite and share.
  • Easy-to-Use LevelEDITOR – create your unique levels without programming knowledge.
  • Optimized for Mobile – UI resizes to all types and resolutions of mobile devices.
  • 100 tested levels – created for preview. Use them as starting point for your game.
  • Unity IAP’s purchases integrated
  • IAP’s EDITOR – allows setting the cost and number.
  • Ads Monetization – Unity Ads, Admob, Chartboost, Rewarded ads.
  • Game tutorials – visual and tabs
  • Life Shop – to coins or watch the video ad.
  • In-game privacy policy included
  • Rewarded video
  • Coins Shop
  • Booster Shop

iRDS – Intelligent Race Driver System

Intelligent Race Driver System (iRDS) is a Race Game Toolkit that would help you to develop your Racing Games. It includes an AI system to compete with human players and its own Car Physics.


  • Compatible with Edy’s Car Physics, UnityCar, and Realistic Car Controller out of the box, compatible with any other car physics with some mod to the included Vehicle physics interfaces scripts
  • AI steering
  • Breaking
  • Overtake
  • Breaking if the opponent is in front
  • Collision prevention – if opponents on sides
  • Track limits (left and right limits of the track)
  • Different AI behavior
  • Pitting
  • Counter steering if the car drifts
  • Compatible with Easyroads, the system creates the track limits from the EasyRoads marker
  • Racing line
  • Grid positions
  • Pit line
  • Force Feedback compatible
  • New suspension system! (MacPherson & Double Wishbone)
  • More realistic car physics
  • Mobile Touch Controls! (Including Touch Steering)
  • Includes Gear Shifter compatibility!
  • New Sounds manager options for AAA sounds!!!!
  • Different race types (Circuit, Sprint, Knockout, Checkpoints, Speed Trap and Capture the flag)
  • Road cameras position (for using on-road camera view mode)

Adventure Creator

This toolkit has all you need to make your own adventure game such as Monkey Island, and Telltale’s The Walking Dead.

It supports 2D, point-and-click, third-person, first-person – or a mix of each.

Trivia Quiz Game Template

This template will help create a trivia game, along with a timer, lives, and varying bonuses.

You can create quiz questions directly in the editor or import them from an XML file.

2D+2.5D Platformer Corgi Engine 

Corgi is packed with features to provide the best tool to develop 2D + 2.5D platformers or run & gun games.

The player is supported with complete with collision detection, slope handling, movement, jumps, auto walk/run and wall jumps ala Super Mario Run, double jumps (and as many more jumps as you like), ladders, ledge hanging and pulling, dangling, jetpack, weapons (melee, hit scan and projectile), combo weapons, auto aim, flight, time control, gliding, swimming, dash (horizontal and vertical), damage dash, pushing, pulling, getting crushed, object carrying and throwing, running, crawling, looking up, down, taking fall damage, gliding on ziplines, swapping between characters, and more.

The kit comes with 50 demo levels for developers to understand and make the most of the package.

It has an advanced AI system for creating complex enemy, boss, or friendly AIs behaviors.

2D+3D Infinite Runner Engine 

The Infinite Runner Engine is a highly customizable, optimized, and easy-to-use toolkit for making your very own endless game. It offers tons of read-to-use classes, easy to customize for your own needs.

Whether you want to develop a game like a side-scrolling, fast-paced runner like Canabalt, a curved runner like Ski Safari or Tiny Wings, or maybe a 3rd person-view game like Temple Run, this toolkit has every feature covered.

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