50+ Best Unity Assets: Shader, Editor Extensions, Level Editors, Models, Terrain

Unity’s Asset Store is big. It is hard to find the top solution for each of your problem. I gather all assets and list the best assets in each category for developers’ needs. This is a big list; i will constantly update new assets.

Most assets below are paid one. You can find a list of top free assets here.

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Game template

Game Templates and Kits

These are the best game templates to kick-start a game in any genre. It includes RPG, tower defense, strategy, puzzle, and more. Some of the famous kits are Tower Defense Toolkit (TDTK), Tower Defense Template Kit, UFPS : Ultimate FPS, Turn-Based ToolKit (TBTK), City-Building Kit – Complete Version, uMMO, and uMOBA.

Shader tool

UBER – Standard Shader Ultra

Uber is based on Unity’s Standard Shaders principles and uses standard PBR lighting implementation. It features various Parallax techniques, tessellation variants, refraction with chromatic aberration, rranslucency (based on DICE’s model), dynamic weather, triplanar selective, vertex blend painting (2 layers mode), well sorted out and clean interface, fully configurable vertex color usage, presets functionality.

Amplify Shader Editor

Amplify Shader Editor is a node-based shader creation tool inspired by industry leading software. An open and tightly integrated solution, it provides a familiar and consistent development environment that seamlessly blends with Unity’s UI conventions and Shader use.

Shader Forge

Shader Forge is a node-based shader editor, aiming to push the visual quality of Unity to new heights, giving you the artistic freedom of shader creation in a visual and intuitive way. Shader Forge uses a single file for shaders (.shader file) so there is no need for extra files to sync over your version control system.

Shadero Sprite

Shadero Sprite is a real time node-based shader editor. The asset can create many astonishing effects with the several pre-made and fully optimized node effects beautifully and fast. Its developer promises to increase the number of the pre-made effects in every update.


If you want to code shader, this is the right plugin for you. ShaderlabVSCode is a Visual Studio Code extension for Unity Shaderlab progamming.  It supports Syntax Highlighting, Code Completion and Basic Intellisense, and many more.

Model / Level Editor


This asset used to be a paid, but Unity Technologies has bought it recently. ProBuilder is the fast way to build basic or advanced geometry, right in Unity. It can complete UV unwrapping and more, or export your models and detail externally.

UModeler 2.0

UModeler allows you to model and prototype easily and quickly. With UModeler, you can craft a static mesh asset as well as prototype a game level without any other external DCC tools. Moreover UModeler supports not only modeling with gizmos but also sketch-based modeling, which enables you to draw a 2D shape on a plane and make it 3D shape in intuitive ways. UModeler consists of about 90 tools for modeling, which will make creating, transforming and editing your model a breeze in Unity.

Mesh Maker

Mesh Maker consists of 16 modeling & editing tools to streamline your creativity. You can make, modify and edit your models or levels right in Unity.

Mesh Baker

Mesh Baker combine meshes and materials to reduce draw calls. It can fix models and create atlases, fix scaling, rotation and translation in imported models.

Octave3D-Level Design

Octave3D is a powerful collection of prefab snap and paint tools, seamlessly integrated into a single Level Design package, which give you a fun and rewarding experience while building beautiful and cool looking environments quickly. It gives you access to a powerful prefab management system that allows you to organize your prefabs in categories and tags.

MapMagic World Generator

MapMagic World Generator is a node based procedural map generator. Each node on a graph represents a terrain or object generator: noise, voronoi, blend, curve, erosion, scatter, forest, etc. Once the nodes are connected the magic happens: a game map will be created without any human involvement.

TerrainComposer 2

TerrainComposer2 is a powerful node based multi-terrain tile generator. The asset makes use of the latest GPU technology to give you instant real-time results, which makes creating terrains faster and more easy than ever before. TerrainComposer 2 manage its folder like layer system and workflow is similar to that of Photoshop, which makes it possible to have full control and make quick changes any time during the workflow.


Gaia is an all-in-one terrain and scene generation system. GAIA gives you the flexibility to go fully procedural or fully manual or somewhere in between to deliver the easiest, fastest and prettiest terra-forming, texturing, planting and scene creation and population experience on the asset store. With support of over 150 stamps, design the game you want by stamping mountains, mesas, hills, lakes, rivers and a range of other feature types.


Surforge allows you to easily make high-quality 3d rendered PBR textures from scratch directly in Unity, with an extremely productive and intuitive workflow. Surforge is a modeling toolset, kitbash library, map render, and material composer. All in one, everything you need to create great textures. It is a tool for both newbies and professionals.

Archimatix Pro

Archimatix is a powerful node-based parametric modeling extension for Unity that helps you quickly create mutable props and rich, variable environments. Archimatix comes with many game-ready example models featuring interactive handles that let you manipulate forms in realtime. It also offers runtime features so that you can extend Archimatix magic to your players, which allows your players to modify levels on the fly and modify model forms.

Dungeon Architect

This asset is a procedural level generation tool. It helps you quickly create your own dungeons both at runtime and design-time with powerful editor tooling. Dungeon Architect supports Procedural Levels, Runtime Dungeons, Theming, NavMesh, Paint Tool, Volumes, Terrain Modifier, and 2D Support


UMotion Pro – Animation Editor

UMotion Pro is a powerful animation editor for animating any type of 3D model right inside Unity. It help reduce development time by fine tuning animations even while being in play mode. The asset also supports Unity Timelime, 3rd Party animations, mocap.

Final IK

Final IK is an Inverse Kinematics solution for game developers. FIK 1.7 brings many fixes and improvements to VRIK – automatic arm stretching, improved spine bending, calibration tool for up to 6 tracked targets.

Visual Scripting


Bolt brings complete visual scripting to Unity, empowering artists, designers and programmers to create gameplay mechanics and interactive systems – no coding required.


NodeCanvas is a production ready Visual Behaviour Authoring  framework for Unity, empowering you to create advanced AI Behaviours and Logic. It is used by many awesome games including Pamela, Hurtworld, Kim, Shroud of the Avatar, Kingdom, The Long Dark and Ghost of a Tale.


Playmaker can help developers quickly make gameplay prototypes, A.I. behaviors, animation graphs, interactive objects, cut-scenes, walkthroughs…

Game kit


This kit can help developer build heroes, enemies, NPCs, items, loot drops, equipment, cutscenes, and more with or without coding. It has hundred of gameplay actions, visual scripting system, AI system, save and load system, atabase system, Inventory and Journal system, and many other great features.

Core GameKit

If you only want certain features like pool manager, health, enemies spawning, Core Gamekit is your choice. It covers most of your bases with full pooling & combat systems, pickup support (for coins / health packs etc.), Player (and enemy) stat modification, enemy wave set up and level design tools with all the options you need.

Cogra Gamekit

Cogra Gamekit is a collection of ready-made scripts that allow you to build games without code. Use primitives, asset store art, or your own artwork with Cogra to build games in minutes. Cogra is completely editable (no DLLs), so coders can modify it to their heart’s content.


Pooly is a professional pooling manager which gives you all the tools you need in order to implement and manage the spawning and despawning of a lot of objects at once. The system is easy to understand and quick to integrate, allowing you to configure how objects are pooled, how they are spawned and how they get despawned.

Fast Pool

Fast Pool is a fast pool manager that can extremely increase the performance of your game by recycling frequently used GameObjects like a hordes of enemies, bullet trails, hit decals.

Easy Save

Easy Save is a complete solution to save and load game information easily. It uses a fast and lightweight serialization solution.

Third Person Controller

This is the best starter kit for developing any 3rd person game. The asset includes a character and camera controller, combat system, inventory management, character and item creation in seconds, AI integration with Behavior Designer, Humanoid and generic model, shootable, melee, throwable, magic items, over 300 Mecanim animationsm, and much more. The Third Person Controller comes with mocap animations, mobile and Unity 5 multiplayer support.

AI & Path Finder

AI Designer Pro

This is an robust AI system and combat kit for Unity. You can craft complex AI without a line of code. People, wildlife, vehicles, zombies, come alive in a few clicks with this editor tool that is both feature-rich and a joy to use!

A* Pathfinding Project Pro

The A* Pathfinding Project is a powerful and easy to use pathfinding system for Unity. With blazing fast pathfinding your AIs will be able to find the player in complex mazes in no time at all. It is perfect for tower defense, first-person shooter and real-time strategy games. It supports 3 types of graphs, Grid, navmesh and point graphs. It has automatic navmesh generation to save you from doing it manually and it can update graphs during runtime.

Emerald AI 2.0

Emerald’s editor is designed to make creating AI easy, yet incredibly customizable. Emerald AI version 2.0 is rewritten and redesigned in ordr to allows developers to quickly create engaging dynamic AI with 100’s of AAA quality features, all without having to write a single line of code.

Other Editor extension and Utilities

Favorites Tab[s]

Your project’s always growing, which results to number of assets and scene objects increase. And you will spend more and more time searching through those objects. Favorites Tab[s] will improve your efficiency while working in Unity Editor by providing easy and quick access to assets and scene objects which you would be using most often.

Odin – Inspector and Serializer

Odin allows you to serialize anything and enjoy Unity with 80+ new inspector attributes, no boilerplate code and so much more. Odin puts your Unity workflow on steroids, making it easy to build powerful and advanced user-friendly editors for you and your entire team.

Console Enhanced Pro

Console Enhanced Pro is a vastly improved editor console for Unity. It supports Callstack Navigation, Custom Tabs & Categories, Wrapper Function Support, DLL Support, Extendable, Text Search Filter, Context-Colored Callstacks, Multiselect, Display Options, Scroll Effect, Color Flash Effect, Optional Columns, Playmode Compiler Options, and more.

iOS Project Builder for Windows

This tool will help you save time by building your games for iOS directly from Windows. There is no need to switch between Windows and Mac just to update a feature or fix a bug.

Rainbow Folders

Rainbow Folders allow user to set a custom icon and background for any folder in Unity project browser. Just hold the Alt key and click on any of your folders. A configuration dialog will appear, and you’ll be able to assign a custom icon and background for it. There are over 70 pre-made icons.


Rewired is an advanced input system that completely redefines how you work with input, giving you an unprecedented level of control over one of the most important components of your game. It supports many platforms with extended native support on Windows, OSX, Linux, Windows 8 Store, Windows 10 Universal, WebGL, Ouya, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch.


Photon PUN+

PUN Plus is all you need to easily add multiplayer to your games and launch them globally with the included 100 concurrent user Photon Cloud plan. Forget about hosting, connection issues and latency.

Photon Bolt

Photon Bolt is a [eer-to-peer networking engine for Unity realtime multiplayer games. It includes Matchmaking and Relay Service powered by Photon Cloud. it can replicate both game object transforms and user-definable properties automatically, no need for any code. Everything is neatly accessible through a visual editor which lets you define and customize properties at a detailed level.


I2 Localization
I2 Localization is one of the most complete solution for localization in Unity. It supports Unity UI, Unity 2D, TextMesh Pro, NGUI, 2D ToolKit, SVG Importer, Standard Components, and can translate Image, Text, Sounds, Fonts, Sprites, Atlases, Prefabs, TextMeshes, Dropdowns and more. It can link to external spreedsheet and CSV files to update text when there are new changes, even after the game is launched.

VFX / Post Processing / Particles / Sound


Beautify is a full-screen image post processing effect that improves the image quality in real time producing incredibly crisp and vivid scenes. It can enhances visual features, restores or augment image detail, produce sharp images, improves pixel color when needed without oversaturating the image, and improves perceptual texture quality.


2DxFX is an advanced 2D Sprite Tool. Creating enhanced visual effect becomes very easy with the help of this tool. It supports more than 80 Filters FX for your SpriteRenderer and Unity UI Canvas with Advanced Lightning Support.

Ultimate VFX

Ultimate VFX contains 300+ prefabs, which is a massive collection of unique Shuriken particle system prefabs with varying levels of layered complexity to create amazing visual effects. You can use these prefabs to create realistic fire, smoke, lightning, raging storms, shockwaves, and more.


SpriteToParticles is a script that use a Sprite component or Image component (UI) as a emitter for the Shuryken Particle System. It uses the sprite pixel position and/or color as emission source.

Model Assets

Sci-fi and militaty

Military Vehicles Set

This package contains a bunch of cool futuristic vehicles, coming straight out of a sci-fi battlefield. You can choose from different types of bodywork/frame models – from a lightweight off-road car, to a big armored truck. It includes highly-detailed vehicles (6 bodies), 9 attachable turrets with different styling and gun types, and more.

Mech Constructor

SLAVA Z scifi models consists of prefabs of different modules, that will allow you to create numerous combinations of animated and ready to fight mechs and vehicles. Currently, the developer is selling humanoid robots, turret, tanks and buggies, spider tanks, light and heavy robots.



SURIYUN offers different packs for both characters and monsters. All include animation. If your game requires chibi style, you can’t find a better art packs on Unity Asset Store. Characters consists of basic RPG jobs – knight, mage, archer, king, pirate, undeath, warrior, nurse, etc…

Fantasy Customizable Pack

This is a block-style characters pack. You can create many unique characters with over 950+ hand-painted pieces. There is a custom user interface for character creation and save as prefab. You can create both human characters and monsters by switching head, body and leg blocks.

Survival / Post Apocalyptic

Survival Kit Pro

These are high-quality models that can be used in survival games in the forest or in a post-apocalyptic city. They includes boat, gun, axe, box, backpack, log and more.

Post Apocalyptic World

Post Apocalyptic World contains over 100 AAA models to create your own abandoned city. It contains 3 houses with full interiors, 5 doors built with physics, siding, bricks, drywall , 1 store with blocked out apartment, 1 industrial building built modularly to give you full control of scale/complexity, 3 species of trees with 2 variations each, and more.

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