5 Best Unity UI Kits

Following are the best UI kits which help build a Unity game’s UI:


DoozyUI is a Unity Editor extension that allow developers to manage and animate User Interfaces with a collection of tools. You can quickly change your game’s look with its skin management system. It has many built-in components such as button, particle, text, progress bar, event listener, theme manager.


  • Use native uGUI
  • Easy to learn. Intuitive design
  • Native Editor Integration
  • Node Graph UI Navigation Flow
  • Theme Management System
  • Automated Sound Pooling
  • Touch Detector
  • Orientation Detector
  • Supports all platforms
  • Resolution Independent
  • Mobile friendly
  • In-Editor Documentation Links
  • Searchable Documentation
  • Video Tutorials
  • Dedicated Support
  • Clean Code. Easy to understand, modify and test.
  • Full C# source code is provided


NGUI is a powerful UI system and event notification framework for Unity. It features WYSIWYG editor, component-based and modular nature, full support for multiple platforms, localization, and much more.

GUI PRO Kit – Fantasy RPG

This is is a complete asset to create UI elements in your fantasy games. After buying this package, you will receive customizable PSD layouts and game elements, 361+ pictogram icons (32×32, 64×64, 128×128, 256×256, 512×512), 90+ unique item icons (32×32, 64×64, 128×128, 256×256, 512×512), and pre-made pop-ups.

Sci-fi UI Pack Pro

This asset contains a variety of basic sci fi UI elements, and a complete set of sci-fi game UI, which can be used in any sci-fi games.

This package contains demo scenes for 2 skins, 68 Prefabs, screenshots, layered psd files, sliced sprites, fonts, and scripts. These componets are divided into Loading Page, Main Menu, Stage Select, Level Select, Login, Creating Character, Main Scene1, Main Scene2, Store, Character, Recharge, Ranking, Pause, Options, Victory, Warning, Died, and Game Over ones.

Modern UI Pack

Modern UI Pack is a clean, minimalistic and stylish UI package which is suitable for minimalist and arcade games.

Its components consist of Animated Icons, Buttons, Dropdown, Horizontal Selector, Icons, Input Fields, Modal Windows, Movable Window, Multi Selectable Dropdown, Notifications, Progress Bars, Radial Slider, Sliced Borders, Sliders, Switches, Toggles, Tooltip System, UI Manager System, and Window Manager.

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