8 Best Real-Time Strategy Games for iPhone and iPad

Mobile phone games have become increasingly popular among the youth. More than the usual games and similar to MOBA, strategy games have gained popularity. It is hard for game developers to create a strategy game that looks like a console game on a small phone screen. Despite the challenge, some game designers have been successful in creating really good games for iPhones and iPads that feel like playing on the computer.

If you’re a fan of RTS games and looking to find the best options available for your iPhone or iPad, look no further than our list of the 10 best real-time strategy games for iOS.

Total War Battles: SHOGUN

Total War Battles: SHOGUN is a real-time strategy game designed specifically for touchscreen devices. Developed by the creators of the acclaimed Total War series, this game offers a seamless blend of tactical combat, base-building, and unit management in the captivating setting of Medieval Japan. The game’s high-quality production values ensure a streamlined experience without compromising on tactical depth.

As a player, you’ll have the opportunity to build and manage your bases, recruit a diverse range of units including samurai, archers, ninjas, and cavalry, and strategically deploy them in battles. Total War Battles introduce a unique twist to real-time battles with its “Bushido” code of conduct, where units are committed to their chosen path and can never turn back, adding tension and intensity to each engagement.

Designed exclusively for touchscreens, the intuitive interface allows for seamless interaction – effortlessly drag and drop buildings and troops, swipe across the battle map with ease, and zoom in and out for a comprehensive view.

Total War Battles offer multiplayer modes for head-to-head battles with a friend on a single device and a Skirmish mode with standalone battles, allowing you to compete against other players on leaderboards and unlock achievements.

Total War Battles: SHOGUN caters to both hardcore strategy enthusiasts and casual gamers. Fans of the Total War series will appreciate the deep and rewarding gameplay, while newcomers can enjoy the Zen simplicity of the tutorial battles, scalable difficulty levels, and a hint system that ensures a smooth learning curve toward tactical mastery.

First Strike

First Strike is a thrilling strategy game that puts you in control of the world’s nuclear powers, offering an intense and thought-provoking experience. With its recent rebuild, the game now boasts improved stability, stunning visuals, and even more cunning enemies, promising an exciting journey into the new decade.

In First Strike, you must navigate the delicate balance between war and peace as you make critical decisions in the face of a nuclear armageddon. The gameplay is fast-paced and accessible, thanks to an intuitive interface that makes commanding your arsenal of destruction as easy as ABC. However, the safety of your people should always be a priority, and you must carefully consider every step to ensure their well-being.

As a leader of a major nuclear power, you’ll have limited yet clever options at your disposal. Expand your influence, build or dismantle bombs, and conduct research to unlock new capabilities. Whether you choose to be an aggressive warmonger or a peaceful negotiator, the fate of the world rests in your hands.

Modern Command

Modern Command is a top-down action strategy game that offers a unique twist on Tower Defense battles. As a Commander, you are tasked with leading the fight for global stability in a world at war. With an arsenal of powerful weapons at your disposal, you must deploy them into battle, equip them with devastating munitions, and take direct control of the targeting systems.

The game also provides the option to call in airstrikes and utilize support items to gain an edge over the terrorist factions you’ll encounter worldwide. Research new defenses, devise cunning strategies, and prove your mettle as you progress through the campaign, unlocking additional mission types and game modes along the way.

The game takes you on a global campaign, challenging you to fend off threats across various continents, including South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. With simple touch commands, you have complete control over each 3D battlefield. Expand your arsenal with a wide range of powerful weapons, such as Gatling guns, missile launchers, laser cannons, and railguns, each offering unique upgrade paths and research opportunities.

Customize your weapons with powerful munitions, boost their stats, and utilize special airstrikes and support items to dominate tough battles. For those seeking an extra level of challenge, Hardcore Mode introduces new enemy types and mini-bosses, pushing your skills to the limit.

Transit Mode presents an intriguing scenario where you must defend a moving fortress carrying vital supplies through hostile territories while mastering exclusive weapon systems.

Modern Command is a thrilling and immersive game that combines strategy, action, and tower defense elements. With its engaging gameplay, diverse missions, and the ability to customize and upgrade your weapons, it offers hours of entertainment for fans of the genre. 

Lords & Knights

Lords & Knights is an immersive and strategic medieval strategy MMO that offers players a chance to forge alliances, engage in intense battles, and build powerful fortresses. As a player, you start with a single castle and a group of knights, but with the right tactics and planning, you can expand your empire and become the dominant ruler of the medieval era. Recruit various medieval units, such as knights and foot soldiers, and lead them into epic battles against other lords, or send them on rewarding missions. The game also emphasizes the construction and development of your castles, allowing you to transform them into formidable fortresses and improve your resource production. 

The alliance system in Lords & Knights plays a crucial role, enabling you to collaborate with hundreds of other players to plan conquests and strategies. Join existing alliances or form your own, forge non-aggression treaties, and establish powerful alliances with other groups. Within these alliances, you can take on different roles, such as the minister of war or defense, and communicate with fellow lords through forums and live alliance chat. Whether you choose a peaceful approach or opt for a warlike empire, diplomacy and warfare are at your disposal as you interact with other players, support allies, and defend your throne. Engage in intense battles, launch attacks on enemy cities, and plunder resources to expand your realm and ensure your enemies don’t remain kings for long.

Kingdom Clash

Kingdom Clash™ is a PvP strategy game that invites players to conquer their enemies and expand their Kingdom. Take command of your troops, protect your domain against rival players, and unleash your fury upon the evil forces unleashed by the king of the Iron Swarm. With a wide array of powerful weaponry at your disposal, such as Fireball Catapults, Lightning Cannons, and Watchtowers, you can vanquish your foes and establish your dominance.

Engage in epic battles against players from around the globe, vying for treasure and the glory of your kingdom. Construct a formidable TD fantasy stronghold, utilizing strategic defenses to overcome your adversaries. Immerse yourself in the vibrant MMO environment, leveraging real-time chat and troop donation features to expand the influence of your empire.

Form your own alliance of formidable players to reign supreme over your rivals, or join forces with an elite alliance and conquer together. The game offers a thrilling multiplayer experience, allowing you to forge alliances, coordinate attacks, and strategize with your fellow warriors. Kingdom Clash™ provides a captivating blend of intense PvP combat, base building, and social interactions, ensuring that players are constantly engaged in the quest for supremacy. 

Battle Islands

Battle Islands sets during World War II. As a leader of a highly skilled platoon, your objective is to land on a tropical island in the South Pacific and face off against enemy forces.

The game offers a range of exciting features to keep you engaged. You’ll need to strategically build and fortify your base to withstand attacks from players around the world, while also launching invasions on enemy islands to secure valuable supplies. With a diverse arsenal of troops at your disposal, including those from air, land, and sea, you’ll need to employ different strategies to claim victory.

In addition to the intense player-versus-player battles, Battle Islands offers a compelling Campaign mode where you can improve your fighting skills by taking on challenging missions. Furthermore, you can join forces with other players in Alliance Warfare, collaborating and fighting alongside your comrades for even more thrilling gameplay.

King’s Empire

King’s Empire allows players to join forces with others from across the globe, embarking on a quest to conquer enemies and expand their territories. With millions of players worldwide, this free-to-play game offers an extensive community and thrilling gameplay that spans the seven seas. Form alliances with other empires to dominate the battlefield and partake in daily and weekly events for a chance to win exciting prizes. The game’s robust communication features, including World Chat and Alliance Chat, enable players to connect and interact with individuals from around the world.

In King’s Empire, players have the freedom to construct and customize their empires according to their unique play styles. Researching technologies and training powerful units are crucial aspects of the game, allowing players to overpower adversaries in fierce battles. By strategically attacking and taking control of key points, players can expand their territorial influence. Furthermore, the game provides opportunities for progression through upgrades of buildings, abilities, and technology, ensuring a continuous expansion of influence and resources.

Set in a realistic medieval backdrop, King’s Empire offers a rich and immersive experience, drawing players into a world where they can rebuild cities, assemble formidable armies, and fulfill their destiny as the leader of a once-glorious kingdom. Renowned and featured by Apple numerous times worldwide, this mobile game stands as the pinnacle of online multiplayer strategy, providing endless hours of thrilling gameplay and interactions with a vibrant global community.

Dragons of Atlantis

As a player, you are tasked with raising and training a powerful army of animated 3D dragons while constructing a majestic kingdom in the skies. Engage in epic battles against millions of online players as you strive to conquer the ancient realm of Atlantis and dominate the leaderboards.

In Dragons of Atlantis, you can feed, train, and control fully animated 3D dragons. This brings the dragons to life in stunning high-definition environments, allowing you to customize them and unlock their special abilities through the ancient secrets of evolution. Prepare for intense head-to-head dragon battles in brand-new battle arenas, where you can strategically plan your moves and test your skills against formidable opponents.

To achieve victory, alliances with other players play a crucial role. Plan your strategies in real-time alongside millions of players to defeat opposing forces and reclaim Atlantis from the savage Anthropus. With a campaign map ripe for conquering and a world full of mystical quests, Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon offers a captivating gaming experience for those seeking adventure, strategic planning, and dragon-filled excitement.

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