7 Best Open World Games on iPhone and iPad (Games Like Grand Theft Auto)

It is always a good idea to know about the various options you have in your preferred game genre so that you do not miss out on something you like. If you are someone who enjoys a good game of open-world adventure, this list will prove to be the perfect option. We have put together some of the best open-world games that you will find on the App Store.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Available for $6.99, this game is compatible with iPad 2, iPhone 4s, iPod 5th generation, and the subsequent models of each device. With this game, you have the opportunity of becoming the Amazing Spider-Man and enjoying the open-world adventure to the full potential. You will get unlimited action and would have to face some incredible challenges. The game follows the story where New York is under threat from a gang war that is spread throughout the city and it is only Spider-Man who can rescue the city from this danger.

Gangstar: West Coast Hustle

This game is compatible with iPhone 4 and can be purchased at the cost of $6.99. You will get to see some rather impressive visuals in this game as you are sent on challenging missions. This game certainly manages to impress with everything that it has, from the controls to the story and other features.

Urban Crime

If you would rather enjoy a game for free, this is one that would be perfect for you. The game follows the story of Johnny Gainesville leaving Miami, following which two gangs indulge in a bloody war to take his place. You are supposed to ensure the survival of your gang and get the power. With this game, you have the opportunity of becoming a true gangster.

Grand Theft Auto III

One of the most impressive crime epics that you will find, this game is available for $4.99. The story begins in Liberty City and comprises of an array of characters. You get the opportunity to explore the dark world of crime in this game. The graphics and settings of the game will surely leave you impressed and keep you captivated.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

This game is set in the 90s and can be purchased for $9.99. Vice City is the place where the game is located and it has everything, from the beach to the ghetto. The character-driven narrative is an interesting touch and you will find a lot going on in the game.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Available at the cost of $4.99, this is another impressive game as it comprises of some amazing graphics and sound effects. The story setting of his game is captivating and will keep you intrigued.

Gangstar Vegas

If you want to play a game that would not cost you a lot, this game which is available for FREE would be the perfect option for you. It takes you through the City of Sin and spins a captivating tale that would keep you on the edge of your seats. The challenges and stunts will ensure that you get completely engrossed in the game.

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