10 Best Roguelike Games for iPads and iPhones

Roguelike games are notorious for their difficulty level, but they are also highly addictive. With random levels generated each time you play, you can never predict what you’ll encounter. Each game is unique, ensuring that every playthrough is a fresh experience. With the rise of mobile gaming, more and more people are turning to their iPads and iPhones for entertainment. This list will guide you through the best of the best in roguelike games for your Apple devices.

The Best iOS Roguelike Games

Monster Train

Hell has undergone a chilling transformation, and now it’s up to you to defend the last burning pyre against the forces of Heaven. Monster Train brings a fresh strategic layer to the genre of Roguelite Deck Building. With its unique three vertical playing fields, this game takes your tactical skills to new heights as you strive to restore the Inferno.

Prepare to be amazed as you unlock over 250 cards, each offering its own distinctive abilities and playstyles. These cards become your arsenal, granting you the power to vanquish your foes and overcome the odds. With such a diverse collection at your fingertips, no two decks will ever be the same, guaranteeing an unparalleled level of replayability.

In Monster Train, you’ll encounter five Monster Clans, each possessing its own fascinating gameplay mechanics. Immerse yourself in the unique strategies and surprises that each clan brings to the table. As you progress through the game, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock ten levels for each clan, granting you access to new cards that augment your deck-building possibilities.

Pixel Dungeon

This traditional roguelike game features a simple mouse-based interface and pixel-art graphics. You need to explore the depths of the Pixel Dungeon while collecting useful items and fighting fierce monsters to get the ultimate artifact of the game, the Amulet of Yendor.

The game features 25 randomly generated levels, each with its own unique setting such as sewers, abandoned prisons, caves, and more. This ensures that every new game feels fresh and offers exciting challenges. As you progress deeper into the dungeon, you must be cautious of hidden traps, treacherous chasms, and cunning enemies. However, you can also discover chests filled with valuable treasures to aid you on your journey.

Pixel Dungeon boasts a diverse array of monsters, both regular and boss-level, that will relentlessly pursue you at every turn. To combat these adversaries, you can acquire and utilize a wide range of items including weapons, armor, potions, wands, scrolls, and more. Additionally, the game offers various character classes such as the strong Warrior, knowledgeable Mage, sneaky Rogue, and powerful Huntress. You can even further specialize your character as you progress through the game.

Enchantments play a crucial role in Pixel Dungeon. You’ll need to apply them strategically to your weapons and armor in order to survive the challenging conditions of the dungeon. Furthermore, alchemy skills come into play as you brew rare potions, manage the dungeon’s economy by spending your coins wisely in shops, and engage with NPCs who present demanding quests.

A Matter of Murder

A Matter of Murder is an engaging point-and-click puzzle game that incorporates elements of roguelike gameplay. Each murder case in the game is procedurally generated, ensuring a unique experience every time you play. With progressively challenging logic puzzles, the game keeps you on your toes as you unravel the mysteries.

As a player, you’ll find yourself interacting with a colorful cast of suspects and meticulously investigating your surroundings to gather crucial clues. The hand-drawn character art beautifully brings the Victorian setting to life, immersing you in a world of murder and intrigue.

The game offers a campaign mode that presents a wide range of logic puzzles, gradually increasing in difficulty. Additionally, A Matter of Murder has the ability to randomly combine different types of logic puzzles, providing endless surprises and high replayability.

To assist you in your investigation, the game includes an in-game notebook that automatically keeps track of the clues you collect, ensuring you stay organized and focused on solving the case. The original soundtrack, with its responsive musical underscoring, enhances the immersive experience, while the haunting soundscape further places you at the center of the storytelling.


Steredenn: Binary Stars is an expanded and enhanced version of the popular game Steredenn. This action-packed space shooter offers infinite replayability and challenging gameplay, featuring intense boss battles, dynamically generated environments, and a vast array of weapons.

The game provides quick and intense sessions that will keep you engaged as you strive to defeat the rock-hard boss battles. The addictive nature of the game will constantly draw you back for “just one more run,” as you aim to improve your skills and progress further.

With practically randomly-generated levels, Steredenn offers endless arcade action, ensuring each playthrough feels unique and unpredictable. You’ll never know what challenges lie ahead, adding to the excitement and replayability of the game.

The game features an extensive arsenal of 42 weapons and 30 upgrades, providing a wide range of customization options. From drillers and ultra lasers to giant saws and robots, there is a weapon to cater to every play style.

The Enchanted Cave 2

The Enchanted Cave 2 is an RPG/roguelike game that takes players on an exciting and perilous adventure into a mysterious cave filled with untold treasures. As you explore its depths, you must carefully choose your battles, making strategic decisions to gather as much treasure as possible while avoiding the dangers that lurk within.

The game features 100 randomly-generated floors, each brimming with loot, formidable monsters, and challenging minibosses. As you progress deeper into the cave, you’ll uncover secret areas hidden in the walls, offering additional rewards and surprises for intrepid explorers.

Within the game world, you’ll also encounter a bustling town populated by tourists and fellow explorers. Here, you can engage in conversations, trade equipment, and gather valuable information to aid your quest.

With over 300 items, equipment, spells, and crafting ingredients, there’s a vast array of options to customize your character. You can choose from nine playable characters, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. As you delve deeper and acquire more resources, you can traverse a sprawling skill tree, allowing you to specialize as a mage, warrior, alchemist, or create a hybrid character that suits your preferred style of play.

To enhance your equipment and abilities, mid-cave shops offer opportunities to buy, sell, and enchant items. Crafting potions and discovering enchantments will be essential for overcoming the increasingly dangerous challenges you’ll encounter.

The Enchanted Cave 2 features a captivating soundtrack composed by Grant Kirkhope, known for his work on iconic video games such as Banjo-Kazooie and GoldenEye 007. The music adds an immersive and atmospheric layer to the game’s exploration and combat.

Cloud Chasers

If you are looking for an action-adventure game with an epic story and unique gameplay, Cloud Chasers is what you need to install on your iPhones and iPads. Cloud Chasers: Journey of Hope is an action-adventure game that takes place in a desolate world where death is inevitable. In this dried-up world, you must embark on a struggle for survival against all odds. But fear not, Cloud Chasers offers an epic story and unique gameplay that will captivate your senses.

In Cloud Chasers, you assume the role of a trailblazing father and his determined daughter as they navigate the treacherous deserts of a dystopian future. Your journey will be filled with encounters with a diverse cast of characters, ranging from the bizarre to the wicked, and even the awe-inspiring denizens of the five deserts.

As you traverse the desolate landscapes, you will soar through the clouds using your trusty glider. Your mission is to collect the scarce water resources necessary for survival. However, you must be cautious, as deadly harvester drones from the world above will relentlessly pursue you, adding a thrilling element of action to your adventure.

Survival is paramount in this unforgiving world. To endure the harsh desert conditions, you must carefully manage your health, equipment, and resources. Upgrade your glider to enhance your chances of survival and engage in strategic trading to acquire the right items to aid you on your quest.

Cloud Chasers – Journey of Hope boasts a captivating story with dozens of non-linear narrative encounters, allowing for multiple playthroughs and immersing you in a unique and epic story verse.

I Wanna Be A Hero

Not only does I Wanna Be A Hero possess a unique and unparalleled name, but it also earns points with players due to its challenging gameplay mechanics. In I Wanna Be A Hero, players will control a genderless child accompanied by an orange cat perched on their head. The player’s mission is to conquer a 10-story tower filled with relentless monsters that are always ready to devour you at any moment.

I Wanna Be A Hero features simple and familiar gameplay mechanics for gamers. The bottom right corner of the screen contains a virtual control button, while the left corner houses four arrow buttons for directional control. Combat encounters commence when enemies appear, and players have the ability to unlock randomly generated special abilities after leveling up.

True to its nature as a roguelike game, when a player perishes in I Wanna Be A Hero, they must start over from the beginning. This exciting roguelike game allows players to follow the protagonist to challenge a monster-filled tower. They need to make use of their wits and skills to bravely walk through the hordes of monsters while defeating opponents. I Wanna Be A Hero features loads of interaction and procedurally-generated levels, which means every gaming session will be different.

Runestone Keeper

Runestone Keeper is a highly engaging and challenging dungeon crawler game that combines puzzle adventure, turn-based combat strategy, and elements of roguelike and card games. It offers a unique blend of RPG mechanics and card game elements, providing an immersive and strategic gameplay experience.

In the game, players venture into dangerous dungeons filled with deadly traps, venomous creatures, explosive bombs, and other lurking dangers. Exploration is key, as you navigate through the treacherous floors and mist-covered areas, facing off against dangerous monsters and uncovering hidden secrets.

One of the game’s standout features is its equipment system. The attributes of the equipment you acquire are generated randomly through prefixes and suffixes, offering a diverse range of possibilities. If you’re not satisfied with your current gear, you can always strive to obtain more powerful equipment by defeating monsters.

In Runestone Keeper, plaers can form contracts with ancient gods, granting you formidable tattoo powers. However, be warned, as angering the ancient god might have dire consequences. This adds an interesting risk-reward dynamic to the gameplay, where careful decision-making can lead to significant advantages.

The game adopts a strategic and tactical approach similar to card games. Every step you take and every decision you make will impact your next combat encounter. Utilize the items and skills at your disposal to cleverly manipulate the situation and gain an upper hand.

Cally’s Caves 3

Cally’s Caves 3 is an exciting and action-packed game available on iOS. The game follows the story of Cally, whose parents have been abducted, and her archenemy has taken control of the Caves to conduct evil experiments. In this thrilling adventure, you can join Cally and her friends as they explore the Caves, uncover secrets, defeat monstrous bosses, and level up.

With 120 levels spread across 8 different zones, Cally’s Caves 3 offers a wealth of gameplay content to keep you engaged. Prepare yourself for intense boss fights against giant and formidable monsters, adding an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the game.

New to this installment is the playable character Bera, who brings her unique abilities to the table. You can switch between characters and utilize their distinct skills to overcome obstacles and enemies throughout your journey.

As you progress, you’ll encounter 20 different types of enemies, each with their own tactics and challenges. Prepare for thrilling battles and hone your combat skills to emerge victorious.

Cally’s Caves 3 also introduces a New Game + mode, which unlocks higher weapon tiers and a second ending. This mode provides additional challenges and rewards for players looking to test their skills further.

If you’re up for a relentless test of endurance, the game offers a Wave-based Survival mode. Can you survive and defeat 150 waves of deadly enemies? Push your limits and strive to achieve the ultimate prize.

A unique feature of the game is the ability to level up your weapons by using them, evolving them into different forms with distinct effects. With 12 weapon classes and 89 unique weapon effects, you’ll have plenty of options to customize your arsenal and find the perfect loadout for your playstyle.

To give yourself an extra edge, you can purchase consumables from the store and save them for crucial moments when you need a boost. Strategically using these items can turn the tide of battles and help you overcome tough challenges.

As you progress, you’ll unlock a variety of character abilities, such as Triple Jump, Water Wings, and Dodge Roll, enhancing your mobility and combat capabilities. These abilities add depth and versatility to the gameplay, allowing you to tackle challenges in creative ways.

Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy is an engaging and challenging game that invites you to explore a constantly changing castle and unravel its secrets. In this unique adventure, each time your character dies, you continue the game as their child, inheriting their strengths and weaknesses. With each successive generation, your lineage grows stronger, providing a new chance to vanquish the forces of evil.

Rogue Legacy offers procedurally generated gameplay. Every time you start a new life, you embark on an entirely new castle layout, ensuring that no two playthroughs are the same. This adds a sense of discovery and unpredictability to each session.

As a rogue-lite game, death is inevitable, but each passing generation allows your lineage to grow and improve. By spending the bounty accumulated during your adventures, you can upgrade your manor, granting your successors a head start in life and a better chance of overcoming challenges.

Rogue Legacy offers a vast array of unique traits that make each playthrough special. From colorblindness to vertigo or even being a dwarf, these traits provide both advantages and disadvantages, adding a layer of variety and unpredictability to the game.

With over eight different classes to choose from, each with its own distinct abilities, you can customize your playstyle and approach the game in a way that suits you. These classes range from knights and mages to more unconventional options, such as a Hokage or miner, each offering a different gameplay experience.

Throughout your journey, you’ll face off against more than 60 different enemies, each presenting a unique challenge. Be prepared to test your skills against a variety of foes, including palette-swapped variants that add additional complexity to the combat encounters.

The game features a massive and expandable skill tree, allowing you to use the loot you acquire to upgrade your manor and provide advantages to future generations. Unlock new abilities, enhance your heroes’ attributes, and gain access to powerful weaponry and armor to aid in your quest.

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