Free & Open Source Android Games

Taking a look at these free & open source Android games if you need to find an idea to make your first game. There are many open source games out there but I will only list those that I find it good enough to be used.

A popular game
A popular game

Puzzle & Trivia

Simple Quiz. Trivia game is easy to make and has quite a large market to get into. This tutorial shows you how to make a simple quiz game in which it loads questions from SQLite database. The source code can be downloaded at the end.

Open Flood. Open Flood is a simple, challenging and addictive puzzle game in which you must fill the entire game board with a single color in less than the maximum allowed number of moves.

2048-android. This is the android port of the 2048 game made by Gabriele Cirulli. This game has over 1 million downloads on Play Store.

sopa. A puzzle game with the goal is to connect two doors which are on the side of the field with the tubes in the field, by moving the tubes.


Gloomy Dungeons. An old school 3D shooters. It is similar to Doom.

Gloomy Dungeons 2: Blood Honor. Sequel of the Gloomy Dungeons 3D.

newplanegame. A simple space shooter game.

Through Galaxies. A 2D space shooter featuring weapon switching/upgrading and hard bosses.


FlappyChick. FlappyChick is a clone of Flappy Bird. It is developed totally in Android Studio with the help of physics engine AndEngine.

RPG & Strategy

pixel-dungeon. A traditional roguelike game with pixel-art graphics. The game has over 1 million installs.

Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup. A roguelike adventure through dungeons filled with dangerous monsters in a quest to find the mystifyingly fabulous Orb of Zot.

Tanks of Freedom. Classic turn-based strategy game with two armies fighting against each other. The game use isometric pixel art.


Zabyrinth. A simple physics game like the Labyrinth board game.

More to come…

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