4 Best Android Apps for AKB48 and Jpop fans

Compared to Kpop, Jpop doesn’t have many apps in Google Play Store. The following apps are the best ones to keep updated about Jpop.

AKB48 Mobile (公式)

AKB48 Mobile is the official mobile app about AKB48 groups. This app is only useful if you know Japanese. If you love AKB48, why not using this chance to learn Japanese as well? AKB48 Mobile shows all member’s profile and news about their activities.

Otaku News: Manga Anime Jpop

This app delivers all the latest news about manga, anime, and Jpop. Anime and manga news are a plus if you are into these hobbies. Otherwise, you can disable manga and anime sources and enable Jpop news sources only.  There are 11 news sources for its users to choose from.


Studio48 lists all AKB48’s groups song lyrics. If you want to humble to their songs, this app is a good companion.

Anime, Jpop, Jrock Music Radio

This radio app offers free online anime music radio stations. Anime, Jpop, Jrock Music Radio requires internet connection.

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