Best PHP Frameworks & CMSs

PHP is the most popular script when it comes to web development.



Everyone has heard about WordPress – it is no longer about blogging, as you can now create proper websites. It is easy to use, intuitive and straightforward. It can be customized in the smallest details, whether it comes to themes or plugins. The wide variety of applets are just as impressive.


Written in PHP, Drupal is an open source system – ideal for ecommerce shops. Initially a student community project, has evolved overtime. These days, it is among the best optimized options on the market. It borrows some plugins from WordPress and provides an exquisite functionality.


Joomla is a CMS designed for blogs and general websites. It is more appropriate for dynamic websites and designs. Plus, it is compatible with a series of database systems. Integrating your website with your hosting company is a matter of seconds – just a couple of clicks. Websites are responsive as well.


OctoberCMS is easy to use and requires no experience at all. It brings in access to a plethora of top rated PHP based tools, as well as components, interfaces and frameworks. The platform is extensible and allows a great scalability based on your website needs. Its plugins are well diversified too.


To help you get an idea about how comprehensive OpenCart is, imagine you have an open source platform, built in search engine optimization and over 13,000 extensions and themes to start with. The support is excellent and the platform is constantly getting new updates for extra functions.

PHP Framework


Laravel is a marvelous PHP framework with an elegant design. It is a pleasure to customize your website with it. It is super speedy and allows skipping plenty of groundwork. It is solid in terms of performance and can be extended with numerous addons. Moreover, it integrates easily with third parties.


Symfony is well flexible and comes with a component system that allows picking just the features and functions you need – you might as well rely on the whole framework. You have testing features and lots of documentation when it comes to tutorials and how to use the platform.


Coldengnitor is quite sophisticated, but super lightweight and easy to get along with once you get the point. It brings in fully featured classes and support for a bunch of platforms. It has form and data validation, XSS filtering, session management and email sending classes, among many others.


Yii2 is a front runner when it comes to security. It is quite extensible and scalable, but it also brings in a wide variety of modern technologies. Installing it is fairly simple and getting used to it should take less than a day. It exceeds expectations in terms of performance and acceleration.


Phalcon delivers – no doubts about it. It relies on a PHP framework based on C programming and it comes with great performance for super low resources. You have the possibility to rely on the libraries and modules you need, rather than the whole framework.​

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