5 Best Smart Speakers With Alexa and Google Assistant

Your smart home wouldn’t be complete without smart speakers. Imagine that you don’t have to get up in bed to turn off your garden lights. You don’t also have to operate your smart devices because the virtual assistant would do that for you. Yes, smart speakers could make your life better and much more.

But before you feel the convenience of having smart speakers, you need to know the criteria in buying a smart speaker. Here’s a buyer’s guide that would help you select the best smart speaker for your home.

How to Choose a Smart Speaker

Since there are many manufacturers of smart speakers in the market, it would be tough for you to choose the smart speaker that you need. Well, don’t worry! Here are important things you need to consider before you buy a speaker.

Audio Quality, Size, and Price

Buyers typically want a smart speaker that has quality sound. The speaker size depends on your preference. But, it’s best to buy speakers that are quite expensive so that you get excellent audio sounds.

Compatibility Matters

Yes, you might be satisfied with the size and audio quality of the speaker. But, the compatibility of the speaker with other home devices is also essential.  You check the speaker’s specs so that you determine its compatibility.

Bonus Features Are Great

Customers are always looking for something new in products. In the case of smart speakers, the bonus features are an excellent addition to your speaker.  Some speakers have a multi-user support, so it’s great to select that has this feature.

Choose the AI Assistant 

Your smart speaker will become more of a giant if it has an AI assistant. Remember: the AI Assistant makes the speaker more impressive due to its smart capabilities. Think of the big advantage it offers you, and you would live happily and comfortably in your home.

5 Best Smart Speakers

Now that you have the idea of how to select the best smart speakers, get ready to select the best speaker among our top 5 picks:

Sonos One

With its clean design and features, there’s no doubt the Sonos One is the best smart speaker you can buy in the market.  The Sonos One takes you to a new level of music experience with its rich sound multi-function parts.  The addition feature – the AirPlay 2 allows Sonos One to talk to Siri and form an excellent pairing with the Apple HomePod.  Thus, Sonos One is the most versatile smart speaker on this list.  But, it doesn’t have a Google Assistant yet, so buyers are still waiting for an update. Still, homeowners would be delighted and surprise how Sonos One gives them satisfaction.

You can listen for the best tracks and enjoy your favorite music with Sonos One. So if you think that Sonos One meet your needs, you make an order right now!

Google Home

If you’re a Chromecast owner, it’s great to have Google Home for you to play and listen to the best songs on Youtube. It has a customizable base and a big song library that are perfect for your track playing. The expanding ecosystem is also great for your convenience and ultimate use of the speaker.

On a recent update, Google Home allows you to make calls in the UK. The updated version of the Google Assistant provides you Multilingual and Continued Conversation features. The Google Home can compete with other smart speakers due to its built-in Google cast and Youtube music access.

In the downside, Google Home requires precise phrasing and other Google Services.

Amazon Echo (2nd Gen)

Get ready to have a speaker you can buy for an affordable price but offers you quality sound. The Amazon Echo sounds better than the Amazon Echo Dot and cheaper compared to other smart speakers.

Amazon also improves the style of the Amazon since its release in 2015. The fabric finishes of the 2nd Gen fits your living room well compared to the brushed version of the previous Echo.

But, the Amazon Echo doesn’t have the neat volume dial of the Echo Plus.  Google Assistant might be more intelligent than Alexa. Nonetheless, Amazon Echo is very affordable that makes it hit for buyers.

Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen)

If you love the Amazon Echo, we’re sure that you would also like Amazon Echo Plus.  The subdued fabric design makes the Eco Plus look impressive when it comes to design.  You can enjoy the loud and extra bass included in the speaker.  Compared to other speakers, the Echo Plus has a competitive price so most buyers would love it.

Other great features of the Amazon Echo Plus are one stop audio solution, IoT function, and voice assistant capabilities. Despite its affordable price and features, the Echo Plus doesn’t sound as good as other speakers. The new smart feature is great, but its features aren’t complete yet.

Still, the Amazon Echo Plus would be a great addition to your home. Every customer deserves the best speakers, so it’s wise to buy the Amazon Echo Plus today! Who knows, you might experience additional satisfaction and comfort than you imagined.

Bonus: Apple HomePod

Are you an Apple fan?  Then, the Apple HomePod is the perfect speaker that’s compatible with your Apple device.  This smart speaker has an excellent sound and good design.  The Siri quality is high, so you would enjoy the awesome performance of the speaker.

Also, there’s an addition for lyrics search, Siri languages and a feature that lets you set timers.  You can even make calls from the HomePod that makes this speaker amazing. 

Despite these great features, some customers might ask about the Bluetooth streaming and Apple Music that aren’t included in the speaker. But still, the Apple HomePod is a great speaker you should try.

Your smart home would have a wonderful vibe as you let the best smart speaker take command with your listening choices. As a buyer, you deserve the best speaker, and these top speakers would get your attention. With great sound and affordable price, you would be pleased to listen to listen to the best songs you like.

The top smart speakers aren’t only your best choices but also serve as discoveries for new technology on home speakers. Come now and make the best choice that benefits you and your family

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