10+ Best Loudest Portable Bluetooth Speakers in 2024

Do you want to buy portable speakers and you’re not sure which ones are the best and loudest? We’ve done some research to compile a list of the best and loudest Bluetooth speakers to inform you so that you can make the best purchase.

Portable Speakers are a type of lightweight speaker that allows listeners to enjoy their favorite music from many different devices such as smartphones or tablets. They typically consist of two small units but there are also single unit models available. Portable speakers allow people to take them anywhere they go and provide quality sound without interrupting other activities around them. Some popular uses include listening while exercising outside, in the kitchen during cooking, or at work when someone would like to listen privately.

The loudest portable Bluetooth speaker isn’t necessarily going to be the best speaker for everyone. There are many things to consider and a lot of tradeoffs that come with choosing a specific speaker. For example, some speakers may offer better value for money if you have a smaller budget while others may be more durable. Other speakers may offer the best overall quality with superior sound and audio fidelity but only work well in small areas because they have smaller drivers. Some other speakers may not even be able to connect via Bluetooth at all but rely on an auxiliary input that cannot send out as loud of a volume.

11 of the best loudest portable speakers

The New SOUNDBOKS (3rd Gen)

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The new SOUNDBOKS (3rd Gen) is the loudest portable Bluetooth speaker on the market. It can deliver a peak volume of 126dB. Inside the speaker, there are 3 separate amps that drive the device with a whopping 216 watts, that’s a lot of power for a lot of volumes. The 2 built-in military-grade batteries can provide 80-hours of non-stop music streaming.

Crazy. Loud. Amazing power and sound quality, with HiFi acoustic performance and 40-hour battery life? The New SOUNDBOKS 3rd Gen is the most versatile speaker to date, designed to go anywhere you do, setting up in seconds with the capability to play music wirelessly off Bluetooth or any wired connection with XLR or ⅛” AUX input. The fully wireless design allows for mobility so you can take your favorite tunes on the go as loud as 126 dB at home in the garden, outside grilling on your patio, or taking to that remote campsite deep in the mountains. This thing will travel well!

  • 126 dB of Amazing Sound – Crisp treble and perfect bass
  • 40 hr Battery – The only swappable battery in the game, average 40 hr life
  • Durable Design – Splashproof, dirt resistant, built to last
  • Connectivity – Connect devices via Bluetooth, XLR or ⅛” AUX input
  • Fully Wireless – Take it anywhere, set up in seconds

AOMAIS GO 30W Bluetooth Speaker

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This Bluetooth speaker is phenomenal. It will deliver 30W of sound at any given moment. To do so, it uses 2x15W drivers and it is paired with two, bass radiators. You can even connect two of them and get 60W of surround sound. If this isn’t enough, we must add that the speaker comes with a 7200mAh battery which can last up to 8 hours at 60% volume. Yes, you can also charge your smartphone using a USB port.

There are those speakers that are waterproof, and then there’s the OMG so waterproof you can submerge them in a water speaker. It’s dustproof, snowproof, mudproof, waterproof, or even being dropped. The AOMAIS GO is the latter of these two options- seriously you could put it straight into a bucket with no problem.

The IPX7 rating ensures protection against just about any substance short of hydrochloric acid or battery acid (in which case we don’t suggest using this). And even if it does get wet, don’t worry- they’ve got 40 hour playback time! With a long playlist, weekends away are easily catered for. Coasts days at the pool will never be the same again as you boogie to your favorite tunes day after day without taking them out of your bag/l

Aiwa Exos-9 Bluetooth Speaker

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The Aiwa Exos-9 is a remarkable speaker that will impress you every single time you use it. The total power is 200W of sound, so there is no need to explain anything else. Of course, we should add that it uses 5 well-made drivers and a 6.5-inch subwoofer. The battery can last 9 hours, you can connect using Bluetooth, obviously, or a 3.5mm jack for older devices. It also supports the NFC feature which is highly desirable for Android users.

This portable speaker is the most advanced on earth. With a whopping 200 watts of continuous power, an HD soundstage with enhanced clarity (thanks to 5 drivers), and battery life that will last all day long, this beast can go anywhere you go without missing a beat. Bluetooth 4.2 ensures instant pairing and less latency than ever before.

But don’t let its size fool you! This baby can really grill some beats. From EDM to Hip-Hop or RnB, the Exos-9 has got your back on every genre in any terrain thanks to its ULTIMATE CONTROL OVER YOUR MUSIC design which feature 12 EQ presets + bass boost option at your fingertips, as well as hands-free phone controls built right into the speaker.

JBL Xtreme Loudest Bluetooth Speaker

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The JBL Xtreme Portable Wireless Bluetooth speaker lets you unplug your life and take it on the go. Connect up to three smartphones or tablets wirelessly with the speaker.

Some of you will simply adore this speaker. The main advantage is the battery life which is 15 hours. There are two, bass radiators that are external and you can connect up to 3 smartphones with the speaker. In addition, the unit can be used as a power source for recharging your devices. An interesting fact is that it is rain and water splash resistant.

Cut the cord and wirelessly turn your school, dorm, work area, or party into a-rockin’ dance hall. This wireless Bluetooth speaker lets you take turns playing earth-shaking, powerful stereo sound without having to share it with anyone else. The built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery supports up to 15 hours of playtime (16 hours when connected via cable) unlike other Bluetooth speakers that need charging again after 6 hours.

What if somebody calls? No problem! Easily switch from listening to blaring music to taking crystal clear calls with the touch of a button thanks to the noise and echo canceling speakerphone. JBL’s Xtreme Portable Wireless Speaker has a frequency response of 70 Hz – 20 kHz.

JBL Boombox Bluetooth Speaker

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The JBL Boombox Bluetooth Speaker comes with 40W of raw sound power, a battery life of 24 hours, and it can be used as a power bank. We also liked the 4 transducers and 2 bass radiators that are specifically made for this model by JBL. Keep in mind that this is a tough unit that is IPX7 rated, so it is extremely waterproof. It has been one of the most desirable Bluetooth speakers for users with an active lifestyle.

Everything about this product is on point. It’s IPX7 waterproof so you can throw it in the pool, sit by the beach, or take it to a festival without worries. The battery life lasts 24 hours at max volume and there are two charged-up LED power indicators that let you know when it needs more juice.

And with JBL Connect+, multiple Boomboxes will sync and play together at once – so if your friend has one too, never fight over who gets to control them because both of you will! To charge up it only takes six hours for a full hour’s worth of music – though that won’t be necessary since it’ll play continuously for 24 hours! This Bluetooth speaker is always ready to go and makes owning an iPod totally a waste.

OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra Bluetooth Speaker

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Now we present you with a model that is very appealing at the moment. We liked the fact you get 2 tweeters, 3 passive bass radiators, and 2×2.75 inch drivers. The result is 24W of pure sound you will love. The battery can last 8 hours on a single charge and it takes just a few hours to be fully recharged. The main advantage is Bluetooth 4.2, which is the latest technology. It will make sure you have connected up to 100 feet away from the speaker.

  1. The OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra Bluetooth Speaker is a great option for anyone who wants to listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks in high quality.
  2. It has a built-in mic that allows you to take hands-free calls and the speaker can be used as an alarm clock.
  3. This speaker is waterproof so it can be used outside without worry of water damage.
  4. The battery life lasts up to 8 hours on a single charge and it charges quickly with its USB port.
  5. The sound quality is really good – this speaker produces rich bass tones and crisp treble sounds.
  6. You can also use this as a power bank for your phone or tablet if needed!

Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker

See its price on Amazon
See its price on Amazon

Marshall Woburn is the speaker you want if you don’t want any compromise on the sound quality. Designed to be loud, this Bluetooth speaker by Marshall is one of the best speakers around. It will hit high trebles cleanly and handle low bass easily, and its clear and lifelike mid-range makes it one of the best portable loudspeakers that there are. The speaker features analog volume, bass, and treble knobs that give this speaker an old-school feel as well as give you custom control of the sound.

The speaker’s quality components and unique design help it deliver an accurate response throughout the entire frequency range. Marshall Woburn’s classic design with the vintage-looking front fret and the gold metal details shouldn’t fool you into thinking that it’s ‘old age.’ This design may not be for everyone, but for some, it’s the perfect speaker that’ll take them back to the Rock n Roll era.

The Woburn is a classic speaker that is made for modern listening as you can easily hook it up to your TV, hard disk players or any other digital device with an optical cable. For those who want sound and want it loud, this is the speaker to get.

Bose SoundLink III

Check for its discount on Amazon
Check for its discount on Amazon

The name of Bose needs no introduction and it comes as no surprise that the Bose SoundLink III is a part of the lineup for the best and loudest portable speakers to choose from. Bose has been making audio equipment that is equivalent to the highest quality since 1964. If you’ve ever owned a Bose speaker or pair of headphones, you’ll understand that Bose isn’t the one to compromise quality.

This SoundLink III portable speaker is one of the new additions to the incredible Bose SoundLink lineup, and it goes without saying that this portable Bluetooth speaker has some big shoes to fill. Bose has got the chops when it comes to technical hardware, and that is the case with the SoundLink III as well.

Bose found a way to stuff two high-level drivers, a subwoofer, and two mid-level drivers all in this Bluetooth speaker that measures only 10″ by 1.9″ by 5.2″, which is pretty incredible. All this superior hardware crammed in such a small box means that the SoundLink III is the speaker to get if you want the volume and audio quality of the highest level. With 14 hours of battery life, 3.5mm aux jack, and 90 dB volume, it is a product worth getting.

Jawbone Jambox

Check for discount on Amazon
Check for discount on Amazon

Jawbone is another reputable name in the audio equipment industry, and Jambox by Jawbone is one product that will definitely catch your attention. The best feature of the Jambox is its attractive price tag, which makes it a fan-favorite, but when coupled with the impressive output of over 90 dB, the speaker ends up becoming one of the best and loudest portable speakers available on the market. The nice design is another plus point and if you want a speaker that has got it all, this should be your next purchase.

The Jambox features two passive subwoofers as well as dual drivers to back up its superior sound performance. The fact that it covers a wide frequency range of 85 Hz to 20 kHz is also impressive. With over 15 hours of playback and the ubiquitous micro-USB cable charging, this speaker provides you along party time as well as ease of use.

The Jawbone Jambox delivers on the audio quality front, but it’s not quite what the Bose or the original Marshall has to offer. However, for its small price tag and functionality, this speaker isn’t bad at all; in fact, it’s one of the best the portable speaker market has to offer.

foxL V2 + foxLO Duet System

See its details on Amazon
See its details on Amazon

Soundmatters sure does know how to build a superior and high-quality product. The foxL V2 is a very cool product by itself, but the foxLO Duet system pairs it with the even cooler bass boosting unit of foxL.

The two devices can be tethered physically using a 3.5mm aux cable or you can wirelessly connect them via Bluetooth. Together, they allow a frequency range of 30 Hz to 20 kHz, which is really impressive. It’s an even more encompassing range when compared to the original Marshall Stanmore.

The foxL V2 utilizes two 25mm drivers with a passive radiator, while the bass boosting unit uses a Linear Magnetic Driver as well as dual passive radiators and provides 30 watts of amplification. When combined, these two units can offer up to 12 hours of playback. If all of that isn’t impressive enough, the system also delivers a volume of over 95dB.

The system is also popular among fans for its compact size, usage of micro-USB for charging, and the notable endorsement by the Black Flag singer Henry Rollins along with other positive reviews that have led this speaker to the top end of the list of the best portable speakers.

UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

See its price on Amazon
See its price on Amazon

UE BOOM Bluetooth Speaker is the speaker you should get if you want portability as well as high volume. This new and improved wireless speaker gives incredibly high volume without compromising at all on the range of sounds and it takes up a very small space. The response range for this speaker goes from 125 Hz all the way up to 20 kHz.

This speaker gives seamless connectivity and hours of wireless playback so that you can keep the party going. The speaker is engineered such that the music is warm, clean, and clear to the ears. When it comes to the device’s performance, it’s made to give a high level of precision in terms of the outstanding music range.

Compared to Bose and Marshall, it may have some shortcomings, but it’s still a very powerful speaker that gives loudness and clarity as well as a wide music range so that you can enjoy all types of music. It’s portable and affordable as well, so you can rest easy that you’re getting a good price.

What should I look for when buying speakers?


When it comes to comparing the loudness of portable speakers, it’s important to understand that there is more than one size, or else the argument is rendered useless. The size of the speaker matters a lot because the larger-sized speakers are obviously going to be louder, so if you’re looking to buy portable speakers, you should first decide on a size.

Normally, there are three distinct sizes: Ultra-Portable, Portable, and Large Portable. Ultra-Portable is the smallest size and it’s the one you should get if you prefer portability over loudness. Portable is a size that is larger than Ultra-Portable but still small enough. Ideally, this provides the perfect balance between loudness and portability, but for some, the loudness may still not be enough. This is where the Large Portable speakers come in. They are not as portable as others, but when it comes to loudness, they are pretty impressive.

In terms of size, we’ll be discussing the best portable speakers that you can purchase, and ultra-portable and large portable categories aren’t part of the discussion. These portable speakers are the ultimate workhorse speakers and the best have been picked.


Another important factor that you should consider while purchasing portable speakers is the decibel count. The loudness of speakers is determined by the decibels generated. Decibels can make a huge difference, especially when it comes to portable speakers. Even just a 10 decibels increase will double the perceived loudness. This is something you should keep in mind when purchasing portable speakers.

Audio quality

The audio quality can be important to some people who want to hear their music or audiobook clearly and not have any distortion. Some customers may also need a louder volume for specific uses such as movie watching or say, video streaming where you might be sitting further away from the TV or phone and may not have a reliable connection.

Others Features

  • Battery life: A longer battery life may be more important if you plan on spending an extended amount of time listening to music outdoors or in other areas where there is more background noise.
  • Sound isolation: Sound isolation can be important if you plan to use the speaker in a more enclosed area such as a place of work.
  • Bluetooth Technology: Some customers may need speakers that have Bluetooth that works up to 60 feet. Lastly, some people need their speaker to have a longer Bluetooth range if they need it to work well in larger rooms or for outdoor use such as camping.
  • Material: Some people may prefer speakers with rubberized surfaces that won’t scratch easily while others may be looking for something more stylish with different types of materials and finishes.
  • Protection: There are several options for speaker durability including waterproof speakers, shockproof speakers, or even some that can withstand drops without any damage.


How loud do Bluetooth speakers get?

The common thing we know is that the bigger the speaker, the louder it can reach. They all produce sound with a decibels level of over 100.

Despite the fact that there are only a few in this group, there is a significant price disparity among them.

Is Bluetooth speaker louder than phone?

Despite the fact that we made this list to see which are the loudest portable Bluetooth speakers, it’s also good to know if a phone is louder than a speaker.

The truth is that both devices can reach high decibels levels, although they have different purposes: one for music and the other for phone calls.

A portable Bluetooth speaker can generate more bass and is capable of producing greater decibels than built-in mobile speakers.

How do I know if my Bluetooth speaker is loud?

In order to find out, these are some of the factors that you must consider:

  • If it’s a small speaker, it probably won’t reach the same decibel level as a larger one.
  • The best way to compare them is by using them at the same time.
  • Another factor that can affect the final result is the volume (on your phone or on the speaker).

Do speakers sound better with more power?

For the most part, yes. The loudness of a speaker is measured through decibels. If you increase the volume or power, it will make the sound better.

More power is a tricky feature in that it can be beneficial or detrimental depending on the room size, speaker efficiency, and amplifier clipping.

Which brand of speaker is the best?

The most popular loudspeaker manufacturers on the market today are:

  1. Bose
  2. JBL
  3. Klipsch
  4. KEF
  5. Definitive Technology
  6. Bowers & Wilkins
  7. Focal
  8. Quested
  9. Dynaudio
  10. QSC

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