5 Best True Wireless Earbuds Brands

Yes, you’ve bought a new phone and of course – you get free earbuds as freebies. But these earbuds are often low quality, and you need to buy one.

5 Best earbuds brands 


Innovation and high-quality products are aligned with the Apple brand for decades. Besides the Apple Macbook and IOs, you can have earbuds from this brand, as well. For example, the Apple AirPods offer easy and high-quality listening to your favorite songs.

You can sync or pair Apple earbuds with Apple devices. Another cool thing about these earphones is that you can use these for Android devices and computers.  Consumers can expect excellent listening experience with Apple earbuds.


No doubt, the Samsung brand proved to be one of the best brands when it comes to computers, phones, androids, and other devices. Today, Samsung continues to amaze more consumer and tech enthusiasts with its earphone releases.

Consumers who are looking for the best earphones can rely on Samsung to give them what they want.  For example, we have the Galaxy earbuds that are light and small and fit your ears perfectly. The earbuds have a silicone tip and small body. (Even if you have small ears, these earbuds are perfect for you.)

Another thing that consumers like about Samsung is the user-friendly feature of their earbuds. (Thanks to technology and innovation, we always enjoy listening to music!)


Founded in 1946, Sony is one of the well-known companies in the world.  The famous Japanese company is from Konan, Minato, Tokyo.

Sony creates various products such as video games, appliances, gadgets, consumer electronics (such as earbuds), and financing services.  When it comes to quality headphones, one of the first brands that come to your mind is Sony.

People who are familiar with portable cassette players and Sony Walkman can prove the quality of the Sony earphones. You can buy or choose an affordable and expensive earphone from Sony. Whether the earbuds are expensive or not, you’re sure that these earphones are of good quality.


One of the well-known American companies is Bose Corporation. Founded in 1964, you can find the company at Framingham, Massachusetts. If you’re looking for the best noise-canceling headphones, Bose is the right earbuds to choose.

You can expect excellent listening quality in using Bose earbuds. (Bose doesn’t offer many earphone models, but the quality of these earphones is unrivaled.)

Take note: Most Bose models are Bluetooth, and ANC headphones, so expect to pay more if you want to buy these earbuds.  


Jabra makes headphones, hearing aids, and professional headsets for consumers. Through extensive research and engineering, Jabra offers the best products from speakerphones to headphones. Jabra uses innovation and best sound technologies to create topnotch products.

As a trusted brand, Jabra understands the needs of clients around the world.  You can expect that enhanced features for collaboration and concentration from the Jabra products you would buy. You can use the earbuds in the office, gym, school, and even at home.

So, which among these earbud brands is right for you?  Before you choose an earphone, don’t forget to consider the earphone brand. Come now and pick your choice!

How to choose the best earbuds

What are earbuds are you going to buy? How would you know if the earbuds are of good quality? Well, consumers base their buying decision on these three factors – price, design, and brand.  Buyers would look at the earbud’s appearance (Does the earbuds fit their taste when it comes to color and style?)

Is the earbud affordable? Then, consumers would consider the brand (we’ll talk about this later.)

But if you want to make a good choice in your buying decision, you also need to consider the following:

The earbud specifications

Consumers can try earbuds before they buy, but others aren’t allowed to try an earbud before purchase. So, it’s best to look at the earbud’s specs before purchasing it.

  • Sensitivity – When we talk about sensitivity, it pertains to “how loud the earbud can go.”  For safe listening, chose an earbud having mid-level of sensitivity.
  • Frequency Response – The frequency response is measured in Hz or hertz. (This means the audio frequency an earbud can repeat.)
  • Drivers – You hear sounds on your device because of the drivers.  If you want a high sound quality, choose a large and strong driver.
  • Impedance – You can achieve excellent sound quality. The source (your phone) should the earbud’s impedance.

Fits your ears

Not all earbuds can fit your ears perfectly, so consider the earbud’s design and your ear shape before you buy earbuds. 

You should buy earbuds that have rubber tips so that these wouldn’t hurt your ears (Earbuds with plastic tips are bad to your ears.) Consumers can also try other options such as foam tips, specialized comfortable earbuds, custom-molded tips, and more.

Now that you know the criteria for choosing the best earbuds, let’s talk about the top earbuds’ brands.

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