Convert CSV and Excel to JSON Online

Dealing with spreadsheet data often involves formats like CSV and Excel. JSON is a more modern format that’s easily processed by JavaScript. Converting your CSV or Excel files to JSON makes it simple to upload this data to an API endpoint, where cloud-based web services can handle it.

The tool in question lets you input your CSV or Excel data and quickly transforms it into a JSON-formatted string. This is ideal for storing in a database or any other file management system you might be using. The heavy lifting is done server-side, which means you don’t need to worry about bogging down your own system’s resources. It’s a quick and user-friendly way to transition between these data formats.

Convert CSV and Excel to JSON

Convert your CSV or Excel text into JSON format!


CSV and JSON Explained


CSV stands for “comma-separated values,” and it is a common format of data exchange. To save data in the CSV format, all you need to do is open up Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, click on “File”, then choose “Save as,” select “Comma Separated Values” from the drop-down menu, name your file with a “.csv” extension (ex. MyData.csv), then press the enter key on your keyboard or click outside of the box to save changes.

CSV files are versatile formats that can be used for many purposes: they can store tabular information like product inventory counts; they contain text documents like various company policies; and even just simple lists of names.

CSV example

Jacob ,20,Kentucky
Michael ,18,Kentucky
Daniel ,22,Kentucky
Henry ,25,Kentucky
Jackson ,27,Florida
Sebastian ,20,Florida
Aiden ,21,Florida
Matthew ,24,Florida
Samuel ,29,Florida


JSON, short for JavaScript Object Notation, is a data-interchange format that was developed in the early 2000s as part of the JavaScript programming language. JSON provides a standard text-based format to store and exchange data objects consisting of key:value pairs. JSON’s design goal was to make it easy for humans to read and write by being based on conventions already used in other languages. It can also be easily translated into many computer languages such as C++ or Java.

JSON has become popular with programmers because it allows them to communicate over various types of mediums without having knowledge about each other’s type system, at least not initially. This makes it easier for programmers who work across different software systems and platforms from one another.

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