What is ActiveX Data Objects?

ActiveX Data Object, or ADO for short, is a technology that allows programmers to manipulate data. It was first released in the late 1990s and has been used since then to create high-quality applications with rich interfaces.

ADO is an important part of programming today because it provides access to many databases and data sources in order for programmers to create their desired application.

ADO is a Microsoft API which allows developers to access data from other databases, files, or sources from within the app being developed.

Universal Data Access is Microsoft’s strategy to provide developers with a uniform interface that can access data from any database in the world. ADO, Object-oriented Programming Interface and part of Universal Data Access, provides developers an object-based way to work with objects such as tables or records.

Microsoft is committed to providing universal access by designing a bridge program that connects various kinds of databases with Microsoft’s OLE DB. This solution has proven much more practical than the suggestions provided by IBM and Oracle, who had suggested building one database for everyone.

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