JSON Example: Sample Data, Working with JSON in Different Languages

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. This page is a collection of JSON sample and example data which are generated randomly.

Basic rules of a JSON string:

  • Data is in name/value pairs.
  • Data is separated by commas.
  • Curly braces hold objects.
  • Square brackets hold arrays.

JSON Sample Data

This page shows examples of messages formatted using JSON. You can create/modify more complicated JSON here.

Working with JSON

When storing an array or an object in database as a JSON string, you need a different way to search for data. For example, we have a field called phones...

Fetching JSON data from an API is necessary task for most apps. Fortunately, Dart and Flutter provide some built-in packages to make working with external data and read JSON string...

Create JSON data easily with this tool. You can also use this online tool to format an JSON string, making it readable and pretty, with the proper indentation. How to...
JSON has become the de facto standard for information exchange and Python makes it easy to work with JSON format with a built-in library called json. Convert JSON to string...
JSON is always a hot topic in both web and mobile development. There are lots of good libraries to handle JSON for Android. And it is not hard to choose...

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