Computer Terms that Start with the Letter Z

Computer terms are typically classified by their first letter, but there are some exceptions. This blog post will explore computer terms that start with the letter Z.

Computer Terms that Start with the Letter Z

Zebibyte is a unit of measurement that has been used for data storage. The prefix "zebi" comes from the Greek word meaning "10 to the power of 21". A zebibyte is exactly 1,180,591,620,717,411,303,424 or 270 bytes. Some people use the...
The zone file is a text file that contains information for the DNS server. The Zone File allows you to specify what domain name should resolve to which IP address, and vice versa. For example, we can use this information...


Zoom – Zoom is a key feature in many programs and websites where you can magnify an image to see more detail. Some people may have difficulty seeing clearly without it, which means they might need to zoom in on images or text for better clarity. Zoom features can be enabled in different ways depending on the program being used – sometimes when you click on an item, it zooms right in so you can view it more closely; other times when you double-click on something, it zooms out so your entire screen becomes visible again.

Zip – A zip is a type of file that contains other files and folders. These can also be called zipped files or compressed files because they take up less room on your hard drive, but sometimes it’s necessary to unzip them before you can use them properly. Unzipping a file might make it readable for the software you are using, especially if there are several different kinds of compressed formats within one large zip file.

Zombie – A zombie is another word for a bot, which is an automated computer program that does tasks over and over again on the internet without human interaction. Most bots are helpful, but some are used by spammers to send out junk mail on the internet that could advertise pornography or tell people about fake insurance deals . Some software programs, such as those used for poker, even use bots to play the game with other players.

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