What is Static Website?

A static website is a type of web design that focuses on simplicity and ease of use. Static websites are also easy to update, which makes them an ideal solution for businesses with limited resources or large amounts of content. They are often less expensive than other types of sites because they require fewer updates and maintenance.

Apollo – HTML website

Static Web Pages are updated by adding additional content through manual editing because they contain hard-coded elements. Static website is an approach that can be used on small sites with a limited number of pages.

Nowadays, we see people use static web page to serves as a landing page to capture lead.

Why people use static website?

  • No database needed – This means you don’t have to worry about server software or security. All your content is written in the HTML of your website, which allows for quicker and simpler updates.
  • Simple language – Static websites are built using simple markup languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript that can be learned quickly by beginners. This also makes it easy to edit pages without needing a complex framework such as PHP or Ruby on Rails. Plus, learning those frameworks usually requires more time than just understanding static sites!
  • Cost Effective – The simplicity of static webpages means they generally require fewer resources to build, operate, maintain an update them over time – all things that translate into savings for companies with limited budgets who need their webpage updated regularly.
  • Fast to Load – Static websites load extremely quickly and can be displayed on a range of devices. This is especially helpful when designing for mobile, which has become the primary way people access content these days. Plus, because static pages are so lightweight in comparison to dynamic ones, they usually require less bandwidth as well!
  • Easy Updates – Static sites make it easy to update your website at any time without having to worry about coordinating with third parties or waiting for someone else’s schedule. Just upload changes through FTP when you’re ready and boom – everyone sees updates instantly even if they’ve never connected before!
  • More Responsibility – You’ll spend more time focusing on what matters most: creating quality content that resonates with potential customers rather than worrying about design, maintenance and updates.
  • Credibility – Static sites are perfect for companies that want to communicate their credibility through a sleek, minimalistic design without anyone questioning how long the company will be around or whether they’ve been hacked in the past. You won’t have to worry about SEO because you’ll rank on Google based largely on your content – not what other people’s opinions of it happen to be at any given time!
  • Google Loves Static Websites – Google loves sites where content is easily accessible on page load thanks to its speed loading time. And while we’ve already covered how fast your pages will be able to load due to the lack of extraneous information cluttering up temps, what can’t be overlooked is how well these types of sites rank when it comes to SEO rankings because they’re heavily reliant upon content rather than links from external sources (which other types of sites have).

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