What is PixiJS Bunny Mark?

PixiJS Bunny Mark is a tool made by the team behind Pixi JS, a JavaScript and HTML5 game engine. It was made in order to crudely validate relative performance changes in PixiJS between release versions and branches. It isn’t made to show off PixiJS’s performance capabilities. The tool doesn’t include all possible typical and real-world rendering conditions and its performance thresholds are different among devices.

You can test the tool online at https://pixijs.io/bunny-mark/. On the tool’s setting, you will allow to choose various conditions such as Start Bunny Amount, renderer options, and PixiJS version to see the performance of selected number of bunnies running on your device. Of course, that number can improve or decrease the performance.

  • Start Bunny Amount: pick number of bunnies which will be rendered to screen.
  • Renderer Options:
    • clearBeforeRender
    • transparent
    • antialias
    • preserveDrawingBuffer
    • forceCanvas
    • roundPixels
    • legacy
    • forceFXAA
    • powerPreference: default, high-performance, low-power
  • Version / branch: name of a PixiJS branch or release.
  • Local Build: You can upload the built distribution JavaScript file here for builds generated locally.

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