10+ Best Javascript and HTML5 Game Engines

HTML5 has come a long way since its birth. Games developed based on HTML5 have steadily replaced ones based on Flash.

Free 2D HTML5 / JavaScript game engines

Cocos2d-JS, an open source game engine for web games and native games is the HTML5 version of Cocos2d-x. Cocos2d-JS includes Cocos2d-html5, a pure HTML5 game engine which is based on Canvas/WEBGL. Cocos2d-JS project can easily be run on HTML5-ready browsers.

Construct 2
Construct 2 help developers make games easier and faster. You just drag and drop objects around, add behaviors to them, and make everything come alive with events. It provides a wide set of tools that allows anyone to jump into game creation with little to no prior game development knowledge.

CreateJS is a bundle of tools which can work together or independently to enable rich interactive content on open web technologies via HTML5. CreateJS includes 4 modules, EaseJS, TweenJS, SoundJS and PreloadJS. They are compatible with all modern desktop and mobile browsers.

Pixi.js is a rendering library that will allow you to create rich, interactive graphics, cross platform applications, and games without having to dive into the WebGL API or deal with browser and device compatibility. Pixi.js has full WebGL support and seamlessly falls back to HTML5’s canvas if needed. That’s what makes Pixi.js achieve high performance.

Phaser is a popular HTML5 based 2D game engine. Phaser uses both Canvas and WebGL renderers internally and can automatically swap between them based on browser support. This allows for lightning fast rendering across Desktop and Mobile. Pixi.js is built into Phaser.

Quintus is an HTML5 game engine designed to be modular and lightweightt, with a concise JavaScript-friendly syntax. In lieu of trying to shoehorn a standard OOP-game engine structure into an HTML5 JavaScript engine, Quintus takes some cues from jQuery and provides plugins, events and a selector syntax.

QICI Engine is a free and open source JavaScript game engine library with a web-based comprehensive suite of toolset for making HTML5 games. QICI Engine is based on the free and open source HTML5 game framework Phaser, which uses Pixi.js for WebGL and Canvas rendering across desktop and mobile web browsers.

Free 3D HTML5 / JavaScript game engines

ThreeJS is a JavaScript 3D library of which purpose is to create a lightweight 3D library with a very low level of complexity. The library provides canvas, svg, CSS3D and WebGL renderers.

PlayCanvas is a cloud-based HTMl5 game engine and editor for 3D games, which means developer can create amazing 3D HTML5 and WebGL games on any devices which have a web browser. It supports both free and paid subscriptions.

Turbulenz’s libraries are implemented in optimised JavaScript supporting rapid iteration of game code and data. The engine executes directly in the browser. Turbulenz supports both 2D and 3D games development.

voxel.js is a collection of projects that make it easier than ever to create 3D voxel games like Minecraft all in the browser.

Paid HTML5 / JavaScript game engines

GameMaker – $200
GameMaker: Studio has everything you need for games development, no matter what your level or expertise. GameMaker can publish your game to all supported platforms such as desktop, mobile, web, and game console.

Impact – $99
Impact is a JavaScript game engine that allows you to develop stunning HTML5 Games for desktop and mobile browsers. Impact offers Weltmeister Level Editor which lets you create your game worlds with ease, let it be a side-scrolling platformer or a top-down RPG. Games developed using Impact can be converted into an iOS game via Ejecta Framework.

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