7 Skills Developers Need for Success in the Cloud

Cloud computing is the latest trend in technology, and it’s transforming how people do business. It has become a key element of any company’s IT strategy. The cloud offers many benefits to companies that are interested in taking advantage of these benefits. There are also challenges with using the cloud, including security concerns and data privacy issues – but we will address those later on! For now, let’s talk about what skills developers need for success in the cloud.

The first skill that a developer needs is programming knowledge. This means they must know what language to use and how to read code (even if it’s not their own). They also need to understand the principles behind coding, which can be tricky.

Speaking of difficult, the second skill that a developer needs is an understanding of infrastructure and networking. This includes knowledge about backup strategies, security protocols, data storage solutions (like SaaS), network performance monitoring tools, as well as network management technologies like load balancers and firewalls.

The third skill needed for success in the cloud is to know how to use open source software effectively. Developers need to know what open source projects are available so they can leverage them when developing their own products using these new technologies. They also need to have skills with Linux/Unix operating systems because many cloud applications run on this platform instead of Windows or Mac OS X platforms used traditionally; it’s critical that developers know the skills needed to work with these operating systems.

The fourth skill that a developer needs is understanding of distributed computing architectures, which are how cloud applications distribute their workloads across multiple servers in order to increase performance and manage complexity. A simplification of this architecture for discussion purposes would be: one server processes user requests, while another copies data from disk storage on the first server to more disks (this process is called “scheduling”). It can also help if they have experience building system prototypes or running simulations using software tools like MATLAB® and Simulink®, because these same types of models are used when designing cloud applications.

Fifthly, having knowledge about infrastructure as code will make your career in the cloud much more successful. The idea behind infrastructure as code is that you can create and manage changes to your IT environment using a set of well-defined scripts, rather than manually performing tasks one at a time.

The sixth skill is getting vendor certifications like AWS Certification, Azure Certification, and Google Cloud Certified. This is necessary because it shows that the developer has experience with and knowledge of these platforms, which can lead to more lucrative jobs.

Lastly, developers need knowledge about security and data privacy. They must understand how best to protect their applications from hackers by implementing encryption techniques like public key cryptography or hashes; they also should know about compliance requirements (such as CISPA) and what role they play in protecting sensitive information for their customers’ business needs while adhering to company policies on managing personal data such as GDPR (Europe General Data Protection Regulation).

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