Android Virus and Antivirus: What You Need to Know

Today, phones and tablets have sort of replaced our desktops and laptops. They keep and store our sensitive information, and we trust them with all our personal and confidential data. However, it is not necessary that only you are the controller of your smartphone.

There are criminals or hackers who love to send viruses to others’ devices to steal data or create difficulties and disturbance. Usually, Android viruses come in the shape of spiteful applications which are hard to notice.

Three signs your device have a virus

If you have unintentionally installed any malicious application but don’t know it yet, these three signs will help you figure this out.

Is your device slowing down?

If there is a virus in your phone, then it will surely slow it down. If your fast mobile suddenly behaves like a sloth and closing open applications and restarting the phone does not help, it is a sign that your device has caught something malicious.

Is there a lot of internet activity?

If your device has picked up a virus, then it will surely use your internet. You might need to check if there is an unexplained usage of cellular data. It can be harder to notice over Wi-Fi, but if you go to Settings > Data Usage, you can see which apps are using your internet and how much data they are using. If there are some apps that you have not used but they are using the internet, then it clearly show that there is some problem.

Is there a new app that you have not installed?

Always keep looking at your apps. It is possible that the app you downloaded does not contain any viruses, but it can bring one along with it and as a result, your mobile could automatically download any app that you might not recognize.

How to remove virus from Android phone or tablet

If, unfortunately, you are sure that your mobile has a virus, then you should endeavor to remove it as quickly as possible. To do so, first turn your phone to airplane mode. It will help prevent the virus from sending further information and you can easily work on removing it.

Next, uninstall all of the dubious applications on your device. You can uninstall the apps by navigating to Applications under Settings, tapping the app you want to delete, and then tapping on Uninstall. If you are unsure about which app is causing the problem, try uninstalling the last ones before the device started behaving abnormally. If you encounter an app that refuses to uninstall, you may need to switch to safe mode. If you are still unable to free your device from any bad app, the best option is to wipe your phone entirely and start over.

To wipe your mobile completely, transfer your valuable data that is not backed up to a computer through a USB or upload the data to a cloud storage like Dropbox. After doing this, reset your mobile through the factory data reset option under Settings menu. Once you are done with the reset, log in to your Google account to restore your data and settings.

Now you can reinstall the apps you think are good and move your data like photos, documents, and music back to your phone. After the culprit app is gone, make sure you don’t download any more bad apps. For this purpose, navigate to Security under the Settings menu and uncheck Unknown Sources. It will help you keep your device safe from malicious apps. Also, change your passwords for all accounts you own. You never know what that app might have stolen and transferred to a hacker.

Best 5 antiviruses for Android

Prevention is better than cure. Following are 5 antivirus apps for Android which can help prevent virus from attacking your device.

1. Avast! Mobile Security

Avast! Mobile Security is a free app. It provides a variety of options like scanning your applications, informing you about what they are doing and how much data they are using, scanning URLs for viruses, and offering an anti-theft component to control your smartphone using SMS. In case you ever lose your phone, you will be able to remotely wipe, locate, or lock it.

2. ESET Mobile Security and Anti-Virus

ESET scans applications to detect viruses and possibly harmful applications that are making your mobile do unusual things like automatically texting your contacts or making calls. The free version of this application includes anti-theft options like Avast. It helps you remotely find and lock your phone or tablet. This antivirus also allows you to stop anyone from uninstalling applications with the help of passwords. The basic version of this antivirus is free and contains all the mentioned tools.

3. 360 Security

360 Security’s application is free and easy to use. It helps search and eradicate threats. It allows you to scan your mobile and secure it from infections, malware, and spyware. It also detects and fixes system vulnerabilities and cleans any idle background application to make your phone faster and more efficient. It also offers privacy advisory and an option to remove your usage history. It comes with a memory booster, junk file cleaner, power saving option, and other tools.

4. McAfee Security and Power Booster

McAfee is one of the most famous names in the world of antivirus. Its mobile application is useful too. It provides the feature of scanning applications, power booster, information about applications and what data they have access to, phone support, backup services, privacy advisor, anti-theft option, power saving option, removing cached files from the home screen just by one tap, and much more.

5. Norton Security and Antivirus

Like McAfee and Avast, Norton is also a well-known antivirus. It offers antivirus and anti-malware protection that scans and removes applications that might be harmful and contains malware and spyware. It remotely locks your missing phone or other devices through SMS, locates lost devices on a map through Remote Locate, automatically locks your phone after ten unsuccessful unlock attempts and provides privacy features to help you secure your mobile.

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