How to Check Laravel Version

It is inevitable that developer forgets about the version of a project they worked on the past. And in Laravel’s case, this information is hidden quite deep.

Why do you need to check Laravel version

You need to check the Laravel version because it may not be compatible with your current version of PHP. If you don’t update your Laravel, then some features or plugins won’t work right and there will be compatibility issues that could lead to security vulnerabilities.

1)Compatibility Issues

If you have a newer version of PHP installed on your server but are using an old version of Laravel, chances are one or more features in the new release won’t work for you.

The web application framework is written specifically for certain versions of PHP; if those versions aren’t present on the server when the app runs, errors might occur that prevent key functions from executing correctly. One example is incompatibility with the version of PHP that was released in 2015, which is an issue for many users because it’s not supported by most hosting providers.

2)Security Flaws

In addition to compatibility issues, upgrading your Laravel software can help prevent security flaws. For instance, a new release may introduce changes designed to make vulnerabilities harder to exploit or fix known flaws; some releases change how passwords are stored and accessed from one line of code so they’re more secure against brute-force attacks.

It’s important to be aware of these risks as a developer–especially if you have sensitive data on your server like credit card numbers or social security numbers–so consider updating regularly when updates are available so bugs don’t give hackers a way in.

3)Bug Fixes

Every software has bugs, and Laravel is no different–version releases often come with bug fixes to make the system more stable and reliable.

There are many ways a bug could be introduced into your code; for instance, an API that you don’t need can load when it should not have been loaded or there’s some sort of logic error such as using a string where an integer was expected. In these cases, upgrading might fix the issue without any changes made on your end.

How to check current version of a Laravel’s project

  • Open “\vendor\laravel\framework\src\Illuminate\Foundation” within your Laravel installation.
  • Open Application.php and look for const VERSION.

In this case, the version is ‘5.8.21’.

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