Computer Terms that Start with the Letter U

The letter U holds a few different terms in computer language – from operating systems to power supplies to game engines. There are also many other terms that start with the letter U which you can explore by browsing through this website.

Computer Terms that Start with the Letter U

The symbol for underscore is _. What is Underscore Symbol? The underscore is a symbol ( _ ) used in various languages, including English. On a standard keyboard, it shares a key with the hyphen (-).  The underscore ( _...

Have you ever wanted to transfer files, pictures or music from your phone onto your computer? If so, then you’ve seen the little USB cable that was usually included with your device. The problem is that it only offers one...

USB 2.0 is a general term that refers to the Universal Serial Bus (USB) standard. Almost all USB-enabled devices and USB cables, with the exception of some mobile hotspots and certain peripherals, support at least USB 2.0. USB 2.0 is...

USB-C is a new type of connector that is gaining popularity in the tech industry. This article will explore what USB-C is, and if it's right for you! You've got a few options when it comes to connecting your devices...
You may be wondering what exactly is a UHD display. UDH stands for Ultra High Definition. A UHD display is the next generation of 4K displays, which means it has an even higher resolution than its predecessor. UHD has a...


UNIX – It stands for “UNIversal EXecutive” and was designed to be used by any company, organization, or government agency around the world. This OS has been ported to more than 30 different platforms and can run on everything from PCs and Macs to mainframes and supercomputers. Other popular UNIX variants include FreeBSD (which is one of the most widely used open-source systems) and Linux (which runs about 80% of all web servers).

USB – Another common term starting with U is USB which stands for “Universal Serial Bus.” A Universal Serial Bus offers high data transfer rates and is easy to use. USBs have become a common plug-in for most computers, printers, cameras, mice, etc. Many different types of USBs offer varying speeds and data transfer capabilities.

UPS – When talking about computing terms that start with U, there is no better choice than “Uninterruptible Power Supply.” A UPS consists of large batteries (or other forms of power) and heightened circuitry which keeps your computer powered even after the main power supply has been shut off.

Upscale – This term has nothing to do with computers, but rather describes the process in which you take lower-resolution images and increase their overall pixel density. Most photo editing software programs have this function built-in.

Upvotes – When people appreciate the content on websites such as Reddit or Hacker News, they will upvote it to indicate that they enjoyed the piece. This is also referred to as “Clapping” in some cases when applause is due .

URIs – A URI stands for Uniform Resource Identifier which references a name or number that represents a certain resource online (such as an image or video). For instance, if you go to, you could view all of Google’s past logo designs. The URI for each image is always included at the end of the link (in this case, logos/).

Unity Game Engine – One popular game engine starting with U is the Unity 3D Engine. It has been used in hundreds of games and is praised for its’ high-end rendering and fast performance across several platforms.

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