Computer Terms that Start with the Letter K

It’s said that if you want to learn something new, go back and review the basics. Well, in this article we’re going to explore some of the more obscure computer terms that start with the letter K. You’ll be surprised at how much vocabulary is out there for one letter!

Computer Terms that Start with the Letter K

In any mobile app and software like Chrome, you will see an icon that can be clicked to expand a popup window with more menu items and actions. Kehab menu's design If you see an icon with three vertical dots,...
The Keep-Alive HTTP header is an important part of the HTTP protocol. It was created to make web pages load faster by reducing the number of requests required per page. The client will assume that it can continue to communicate...
A kibibyte is a unit of data storage (digital information), just like a byte. But what does the letter "K" stand for? Kibi stands for kilo-binary - 2^10 or 1,024 bytes. So in other words, 1 kibibyte = 1024 bytes....


  • Kalman Filter – used to optimize noisy or uncertain data in computer graphics
  • KeePass Password Safe – a free open source password management system that stores your passwords encrypted on your computer, allowing you to reduce how many times they need to be typed.
  • Keystroke Logging – recording every keystroke made by a user on their computer, typically for security reasons.
  • Kernel – the core of any computer’s operating system, which controls and manages the computer’s hardware and software. A lot like a brain!
  • Kernel Panic – an error that occurs on Macs when either their kernel or low-level system frameworks fail to initialize correctly.
  • Kerning – adjusting the space between characters in a font so that each character has equal spacing allowing them to be vertically aligned along with line spacing.
  • Knowledge Prerequisite – used in job postings to indicate what educational background and experience are required by applicants.

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