Computer Terms that Start with the Letter J

This article explores computer terms that start with the letter “J.”  Some examples in this list include words such as Java, JavaScript, JPEG, and JSON.  It also contains definitions of each term when it is applicable to provide a better understanding for readers.

Computer Terms that Start with the Letter J

The introduction of jQuery has revolutionized the way web developers write code, making it easier to create interactive, dynamic websites. In this article, we will explore the fundamentals of jQuery, its advantages over traditional JavaScript, and some interesting facts about...
In recent years, JPEG format has become a popular choice for storing and sharing images because of its fast compression rates. It is also one of the most widely supported formats on the Internet. However, it does have some downsides...


  • Java –  a computer-programming language  that is object oriented. This means that in order to run or execute the program, it contains its own routines and functions apart from other programs
  • JavaScript – a scripting programming language based on Java. It is used for internet applications that are found on websites.
  • JPEG – acronym for Joint Photographic Expert Group. A digital image of an image file with “lossy” compression format. If you have ever had images on your computer that were pixelated or distorted, this could be due to them being saved as JPEGs instead of GIFs or PNGs.
  • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) – an application programming language often used by JavaScript developers It can also be accessed via AJAX.  This type of programming is referred to as JavaScript Object Notation, which means that it can be written in a very simple way that resembles sentences. This makes it easy for humans to read the text and also for machines to read this information into system variables.

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