12 Most Popular Electron Applications

Electron (formerly known as Atom Shell) is an open-source software framework that allows for the development of desktop GUI applications using web technologies.

Electron has revolutionized the way developers write graphical user interface (GUI) applications. It enables them to use web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to create powerful desktop apps.

Few other computing frameworks offer such convenience and flexibility when writing desktop applications – without Electron, developers might need to master complex architecture languages like C++ and Java.

On top of that, its open-source nature ensures that these popular web languages are consistently developing and improving, ensuring your application remains modern and up-to-date with the latest advances in web technology. If you’re a developer looking for an efficient way to quickly create a desktop UI application using web languages, then Electron could be the perfect solution.

With the statement “If you can build a website, you can build a desktop app”, many developers have adopted this language for cross-platform desktop app development. Below is a list of the most popular Electron apps you should check out.

Famous Desktop Applications Made with Electron

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code has established itself as one of the most popular and trusted code editors – thanks to its capabilities. Crafted and released by Microsoft, this code editor is lightning fast and uses very little RAM when running.

Additionally, it can handle nearly all of the most commonly used programming languages with ease. Not only does it support PHP, Objective-C, JavaScript, C, Java, and Python among other languages, but users can extend its functionality with additional extensions for a tailor-made coding experience.

Visual Studio Code is a must-have tool for any programmer or coder of any level looking for a clean and straightforward development setup.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has taken over the office landscape with its robust range of features, including video calls, chat messages, file-sharing capabilities, and task organization which has made it a must-have for many teams.

Developed with Electron, the desktop application offers a one-stop solution for team projects and ensures smooth communication workflow regardless of where team members are located.

According to Microsoft’s stats, there are currently over 115 million active users on their platform – a testament to how successful Microsoft Teams has been since its launch. With this incredible traction in such a short amount of time, we can only anticipate more powerful collaboration tools brought forward by Microsoft Teams in the future.


Atom is an all-in-one text editor worthy of being the go-to tool for developers. It has been perfecting its platform since it first launched, and now provides a variety of features that make difficult coding processes far easier.

With the ever-expanding library of packages available to Atom users, they can turn their text editor into something resembling an IDE, making complex software development projects quicker to complete.

WhatsApp Desktop

WhatsApp Desktop, one of the most popular desktop applications made with Electron, makes communication easier and more accessible. This open-source software acts as a messaging client for Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems.

It comes with some great features that enhance the user experience. For example – Whatsapp Desktop allows users to take their conversations to their desktop with keyboard shortcuts for faster interactions, as well as native desktop notifications when you get a message – enabling you to stay on top of your conversations.

WordPress Desktop

WordPress is the most sought CMS program that can power over thirty-five percent of all sites on the internet. Isn’t it amazing?

From bloggers and small business owners to developers and corporate giants, people from all walks of web life have jumped on board. Its highly customizable features and robust framework means that users can manage their sites with ease, creating a great experience for both them and their visitors. With a range of different plugins available, this desktop app is truly revolutionizing the website-building process.

The amazing WordPress Desktop application, powered by Electron, has been taken to the next level! You can manage all of your WordPress sites with a single desktop application.


Zoom desktop client is a powerful desktop application that makes online meetings easier than ever before. It has recently become the go-to video conference software of choice thanks to its Electron-based capabilities, which allow for up to a whopping 1000 participants.

This technological marvel is now primarily used for large corporate meetings, but it’s also perfect for any type of gathering when you can’t meet face-to-face, whether it’s with family or friends. Zoom is reliable, intuitive, and secure.

It seamlessly connects people from around the world so they can communicate with ease at the click of a button – you’ll be quickly enjoying fun online hangouts in no time!

It offers high-quality video and audio capabilities, as well as a range of tools for organizing and managing your meetings. Whether you’re connecting with clients, collaborating with colleagues, or hosting virtual classroom sessions, Zoom Desktop has everything you need to stay connected

Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBS is a revolutionary desktop application providing a free, powerful, and easy-to-use tool for live broadcasting. It boasts an unprecedentedly fast setup process compared to other programs on the market, making it a great choice for new streamers or those wanting to quickly get up and running.

The in-built customizable studio environment along with its intuitive tools and full support for multiple platforms make Streamlabs OBS the go-to choice when it comes to choosing a reliable desktop application created using Electron.


Discord has become an integral part of the social gaming world, boasting more than 200 million users. Fuelled by Electron technology, Discord is largely similar to Slack in that it offers communication and messaging services geared toward gamers.

This free app allows players to organize text/voice chats for their gaming sessions, as well as giving them the opportunity to join or create large-scale communities in-game. Players also have access to various features such as broadcasting and screen sharing so they can share their gaming progress with friends and family.

All of these features combined make Discord one of the most popular video game messaging apps out there.


Who doesn’t know Skype? You might be shocked, but Skype utilizes the Electron framework as well. Skype enables users to have video calls without charge as long as they have a stable internet connection.

Skype is probably one of the most popular applications in history, particularly for its video calls. Little do people know however that this program runs on the Electron framework – enabling users to communicate with each other, no matter how far apart they are all over the world, in crisp, HD quality – free of charge as long as they have a steady internet connection. 

Skype has revolutionized communication across populations and continues to be a leader in this field.


Mailspring is a powerful desktop email client for those wanting to get their inboxes under control. This app is a practical email client to have, supporting various email accounts such as SMTP/IMAP, Yahoo, Office 365, and Gmail. In short, it enables you to organize your emails under one roof.

Its powerful features are sure to satisfy even the most demanding users; between touch and gesture support, advanced shortcuts, undo send, unified inboxes, and read receipts for tracking links, Mailspring’s streamlined experience will have you feeling like an email pro in no time.

Not to mention that it supports Mac, Windows, and Linux systems alike and comes with themes and customizable layouts—including dark mode—as well as 9 languages for localization purposes. 


Slack is one of the most beloved desktop software created with Electron. It is a cross-platform productivity platform that is centered around chat. Slack offers noteworthy responsiveness and flexibility, so people can stay connected across departments, offices, time zones, and companies all at once.

All you need to work conveniently is available in Slack’s channels: organized spaces with everything users need to get their work done. Furthermore, it makes it easy for anyone to communicate quickly using audio and video clips or live conversations in “huddles” anytime, anywhere. This assists in streamlining communication efforts within an organization, enabling them to accomplish tasks without delay.


Whenever you need to jot down an important detail or an idea, you often need an easy-to-use and reliable note-taking app. Simplenote is just the right fit for such a task! It’s a free, open-source application that works seamlessly on most platforms like Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android.

Specifically designed for the desktop by leveraging the UI components of the Electron framework, it provides a great set of features for novices as well as experienced users. Whether you need to quickly save something or keep track of notes with tags and versions in sync across different devices – Simplenote is up for the challenge!

The focus of this app is on simplicity, and that’s exactly what it delivers. You can “snippet” notes as well as organize them into folders, just like you would in a simple text editor or file explorer.

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