Top 3 CodeIgniter CRUD Generators

There are 4 basic operations associated with entities – Create, Read, Update, and Delete. They are called CRUD for short. For example, an e-commerce website has a Product entity, which means the user can add a new product (Create), list all products (Read), update an existing product (Update), and delete a product (Delete). Writing queries for these actions consume a lot of time. That’s why developers find CRUD generators useful. There are many available CodeIgniter CRUD generators, follow are the best 3.

Grocery CRUD

Grocery CRUD is an open-source package that makes creating a full stable CRUD with nice views easy with a few lines of code. It supports one-to-many and many-to-many relations out of the box.

$crud = new grocery_CRUD();


$output = $crud->render();

The library provides simple code to create a full CRUD with simple results. It supports all web browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. The process of generating CRUD is automatic but you can customize columns, fields, and operations using callbacks. Grocery CRUD was translated into 34 languages.


CRUDigniter is an online tool to generate CRUD code for a Codeigniter project. CRUDIgniter allows you to automatically create complete CodeIgniter CRUD for your database tables. The output comes with form validation rules, column associations, and form controls.

When generating CRUD, you can select rules from the list of standard Codeigniter v3 form validation rules. The rules can be auto-generated as well.

CRUDIgnitor offers three ways to download the generated: separated files (controller, model, view), entity (collection of the entity’s controller, model, and view), and the entire project.

Codeigniter CRUD Generator + User Manager

This package is a simple user management and CRUD generator based on Grocery CRUD. The generated codes can be used as a starting project or be integrated into existing CodeIgniter projects based on CodeIgniter 3 and HMVC.

Codeigniter CRUD Generator is a paid asset but it doesn’t cost much compared to how much time you can save while developing a project.

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