Top 3 CodeIgnitor CMSes

CodeIgnitor is a simple and easy to learn to make a functional website. Following are some good CodeIgnitor-based CMSes that can reduce your time writing boilerplate:


FUEL CMS is an open source CMS built upon CodeIgniter and can be updated to your existing installations. It has user guides for every feature, which makes it simpler to use. FUEL serves WYSIWYG editor, CKEditor, as main content editor with inline editing support. You can edit a page’s content right on its page. The CMS can create SEO friendly page content in any languages.


Ionize features content types and custom fields, which make it a breeze to create different types of content-rich websites. It also uses template system which allows different parts and content types to have separated template files besides global ones for easy editing.


Bonfire provides most of the user-related features you need to build a website, including a Role-Based Access Control system. Bonfire uses¬†WireDesignz¬†HMVC Modular Extensions, which makes sure you can build any new features with modular coding. This CMS has a database management which makes backup and restore an easy step to do. Bonfire has a quite powerful template engine, it features¬†parent-child relationships and multi-part templates. You will love Bonfire’s Module Builder for sure. It can create template code for your modules so you don’t have to create the same codes over and over.