How to Convert a Title to an URL Slug in CodeIgniter

If you have a blog in which you’d like to use the title of your entries in the URL, you need to convert them to URL slugs. CodeIgniter’s built-in library offers a method to help us with this task.

URL Helper is a library that assists in working with URLs. You can use this helper’s methods to retrieve data or format URLs such as getting the application’s base URL/domain and printing a link with an anchor.

In this post, we will talk about the url_title() method, which takes a string as input and creates a human-friendly URL string.

url_title($str, $separator = '-', $lowercase = FALSE)
  • $str: The input string that you want to convert to a URL slug.
  • $separator: The character to use as a separator between words in the URL slug. By default, this is a hyphen (-).
  • $lowercase: A boolean value that determines whether to convert the URL slug to lowercase. By default, this is set to FALSE.
$title = "Convert title to URL slug in CodeIgniter";
$url_title = url_title($title, '-', true);
//output: convert-title-to-url-slug-in-codeigniter

$title = "This is a Sample Title";
$slug = url_title($title, '_', TRUE);
echo $slug;
//output: this_is_a_sample_title

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