10+ Best CodeIgniter Packages: Libraries, Boilerplates, and Admin Templates

These libraries will help you start and develop a website using CodeIgniter faster and more efficiently.

Grocery CRUD Image Library

Third-Party Libraries

Admin Templates / Boilerplates

  • CI Bootstrap 3 – A multi-tenant website template based on CodeIgniter 3 with the integration of some useful libraries such as Ion Auth, and Grocery CRUD.
  • CI AdminLTE – This template comes with an AdminLTE admin theme.
  • Metronic – The cleanest and feature-rich admin dashboard template for CI.

Built-In Libraries

CodeIgnitor 3 comes with many useful built-in libraries already. So you should consider checking them before using a 3rd-party one.

  • Benchmarking Class – Enable the time difference between any two marked points to be calculated.
  • Caching Driver – Wrappers around some of the most popular forms of fast and dynamic caching.
  • Calendaring Class – Create calendars dynamically.
  • Shopping Cart Class – Allow items to be added to a session that stays active while a user is browsing your site. This library is obsolete.
  • Config Class – Retrieve configuration preferences.
  • Email Class – Create and send emails.
  • Encryption Library – Provides two-way data encryption.
  • File Uploading Class – Allow files to be uploaded with various settings.
  • Form Validation – Form validation made easy.
  • FTP Class – Allow files to be transferred to a remote server.
  • Image Manipulation Class – Modify images such as cropping, resizing, watermarking creating thumbnails, etc…
  • Language Class – Provides functions to retrieve language files and lines of text for purposes of internationalization
  • Loader Class – Load View files, Drivers, Helpers, Models, or your own files.
  • Migrations Class – Made database Altering easier.
  • Pagination Class – Create pagination.
  • Template Parser Class – Perform simple text substitution for pseudo-variables contained within your view files.
  • Security Class – Process input data for security.
  • Session Library – maintain and track a user’s session.
  • HTML Table Class – Auto-generate HTML tables from arrays or database result sets.
  • Trackback Class – Enable you to send and receive Trackback data.
  • Typography Class – Format text.
  • Unit Testing Class – Consists of an evaluation function and two result functions to evaluate your code.
  • User Agent Class – Help identify information about the browser, mobile device, or robot visiting your site.
  • XML-RPC and XML-RPC Server Classes – Allow you to send requests to another server, or set up your own XML-RPC server to receive requests.
  • Zip Encoding Class – Create Zip archives.

You can see the full list and their usage on https://www.codeigniter.com/userguide3/libraries/index.html

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