6 Recommended One Piece Monkey D. Luffy Action Figures

Are you looking for the best Luffy action figures to collect? If you do, you should know that there are a few of them that are must have as soon as possible. There are many Luffy figures can be found on both Amazon and Play-Asia but it is hard to pick the best among them. Below are 6 action figures we believe all collectors should get today. 

SURUIMA Anime One Piece Action Figures Luffy Figure

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This is simply the best and the most desirable action figurine of Luffy. It is one of a kind and must be present in any collection. The attention to detail is impressive in the lack of a better word. Regardless are you creating a new collection or you want to improve the existing one, this figurine deserves a place on your shelf.

One Piece DX Luffy Ace Brotherhood Anime

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The looks of the figurine should be considered as the main reason to have it today. Flames are just impressive and as such, we want to recommend this unit for all collectors who are building a professional collection. We also liked the fact you get two figurines in the package. Both are made in the same way and come with the same characteristics.

Banpresto One Piece 6.3-Inch Monkey D Luffy Figure

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It’s Mr. Yamauchi’s memorial work, it comes in high-quality and with plenty of details. The figurine is 6.3 inches big and comes in the great package. We liked the looks should add that this is a rare figurine, so you will probably want to acquire it while you can. It is one of bigger figurines on our list, so be prepared to have more space for it in your collection.

NEWNESS WORLD 1pc Anime One Piece Figure

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The main advantage is the fact this figurine is hand-crafted. You can see the brush movements of the artist and you will enjoy looking at it. The unit is made of PVC, which is standard material for figurines and it is 25 cm in size. It can be an excellent gift, or you can simply add it to your collection. In addition, minor differences in the size are possible!

Banpresto One Piece Scultures BIG 3 Volume 3 5.1″

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There are a few things you should remember about this figurine. The first one is that Banpresto officially licensed it. We also know that the figurine will be produced in limited quantity which will make it rare in the near future. Don’t forget that minor assembly is required.

Kabuki Monkey D. Luffy

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Yes, the figurine is expensive, but don’t forget that it is a unique piece of art that is designed and made for true collectors. We were impressed with the details and we believe that in the future, the price of the figurine will go up. It can be a smart investment.


Regardless of the size of your collection or the main idea you have on your mind, these 6 Luffy figures are the ones to get today. They are essential for any collection and they are designed for collectors who seek something special.

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