10 Cool Figma Action Figures to Collect

Do your kids get addicted to anime shows or fantasy characters in video games? Kids love imagining lots of things about anime characters. What would they do when they find figma action figures of their favorite characters? With accurate details, the toy manufacturers have designed the real look of the models. You can find the figma figures, outfitted with various accessories, like necklaces, shields, helmets, and swords. Kids try to pose these figures in different ways. The adjustable parts of these toys add more fun to your kids’ playtime.

We have picked the cool and impressive figma action figures that recall the name of memorable anime characters.

Top 10 Cool Figma Action Figures

Bloodborne Hunter Figma

Hunter Figma is one of the best toys to please your kids. While your kids have a passion for hunting, they would surely love this figma figure. The toy resembles the look of a real hunter. Its height is about 15cm. Equipped with all the hunting gear, this model may attract your kids’ attention. This toy reminds us of the video game Bloodborne: The Old Hunters.

Attack on Titan Levi Figma

Do your kids love the Japanese manga series, Attack on Titan? Then, this figma figure can be the best toy gift for them. Buy this gift and amaze your kids. The manufacturer has used PVC for designing this toy. This toy represents Levi Ackerman, one of the major characters of the anime series. The active figure has a height of 14cm.

Hatsune Miku Figure Miko Ver.

The animated Hatsune Miku is one of the most interesting and fascinating things to children and teens. Now, you can choose to add to your collection of various figma figures. This movable toy doll is not just for fun. You may also place it on your shelves or desk to show your passion for anime figures.

HAPP TRIX Sword Art Online Figure Anime 

Have you heard of the Japanese novel series, Sword Art Online? This PVC figma figure is best for those, who love this novel series. Buy one for your kids or for your own interest in anime figures.

LL Factory Figma 153 The Legend of Zelda 

The action-adventure game, The Legend of Zelda is the best source of entertainment for gamers. Link is one of the major protagonists of this game, and the figma figure of 6 inches has perfectly represented this character.

Max Factory Fate: Ruler/Jeanne D’Arc Figma Action Figure

Fate/Grand Order is one of the free popular mobile games, and the fantasy figures of these games have also gained attraction. This toy model represents the look of Jeanne D’Arc. The waving flag is one of the parts to make the toy look authentic. The joints of the toy model are very smooth.

PS4 Game Anime Figure NieR 

NieR: Automata is another role-playing game, where we can find the protagonist, Yorha No. 2 Type B. Now, buy the figma figure (18cm) to have a model of this character.

Overwatch D.VA FIGMA Action Figure

Do your children love the first-person shooter game, Overwatch? Then, invest in this action figure and let your kids get into the world of fantasy. There are 3 face plates, and the winky smiling face of the figure makes you feel the real character is standing in front of you. You can find an alternate head section in the package.


Batman is the most known anime character, and the anime series, Batman Ninja has made it more popular. You can find plastic in some parts. A bat kunai and swords are the optional components.

Linker Wish Gintama Figure

Check out the details of the above figma figures. Choose any of them as a special gift on your kids’ birthday.

It is another figma figure of Shinsuke Takasugi, the recurring antagonist of the anime series, Gintama. You can find the figure in a sitting pose.

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