10 Cute Nendoroid Action Figures

Do your kids get entertainment from video games, manga and anime? Then, why do you gift them the best Nendoroid action figures? These are small, adorable, plastic figures, representing the characters from Japanese games or anime. The cuteness of these figures please the kids easily. These mini figures can turn out to be the best companion of your children. Your kids will get fun in posing the figures in various stances.

There are several types of Nendoroid figures, and a collection of just a few of them will entertain your kids all the time. Now, we have reviewed some of these figures for your purchase.

Top 10 Cutest Nendoroid Action Figures

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: Geralt of Rivia 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the popular action RPG games, and while your kids are familiar to the character of this game, it is the best gift for them. This action figure is the model of Geralt of Rivia with a very serious look. The kids will feel that Geralt of Rivia is ready to combat with his accessories.

Anime Fate Grand Order Avenger Jeanne d’Arc 

This PVC doll is about 10cm in size. However, its integrated accessories and its look in various poses can easily attract the kids’ eyes. This toy is best for infants, above seven months.

CartUp | Movie – Suicide Squad Edition

As one of the anime collectors, you must not miss it out. You may have watched Suicide Squad, the action-filled film. Lots of fans of this movie have bought this Nendoroid figure. You can find this toy withpig tailed colorful hairstyle.

Dr. Slump Arale-Chan: Arale Norimaki 

The lovely looking character, Arale Norimakiof the Japanese manga, Dr. Slump. The toy comprises 3 face plates. Various wing accessories with the hat are removable. Your kids can pose it in two different ways- Kiiin and NCHA. The Poop-Boy with a stick is one of the optional parts in the package.

Linker Wish Fate Stay Night Saber Nendoroid 

Made of high-quality PVC plastic, this toy reminds us of the character, Saber from a Japanese novel, Fate Stay. Place this eye-catching Nendoroid figure in your bedroom, desk and any other place. The blue colored outfit has made the figure look attractive. You can pose the hands and all other accessories in various ways.

Linker Wish Neon Genesis Evangelion Figure 

Neon Genesis Evangelion Figure is one of the Japanese anime series. While your kids love this anime, they may look for the character models as their toys. Buy this Nendoroid figure to find their smiling face.

HAPP TRIX Sword Art Online Figure Cute Nendoroid 

A little doll with a sword in his hand resembles the look of the real character of the anime. The size of this figure is 10 cm. Your kids will get fun from playing with this toy. Place the sword in different ways and display the character in various looks.

CartUp| Naruto Shippuden

This Naruto Shippuden PVC figure is available in various styles, including Gaara, Itachi, Hinata, Jiraiya, Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura and Susuke. The manufacturer has sculpted the figure with all the details. This toy is best for kids, above 6 years. Both baby boys and girls love this Nendoroid figure. The figures of all the styles have a uniform size.

Linker Wish Black Rock Shooter Figure 

Hatsune Miku is one of the most known anime figures, attractive to the kids. You can display the shooting pose of the toy. The package includes the head accessories and different other parts to outfit the figure in the right way.

OIVA Naruto Shippuden Mini Figure 

This cute mini figure is available in different versions. The figure represents the Chinese character, Naruto Uzumaki. The manual paintwork is of high quality.

Now, you can look for the best Nendoroid action figures for your kids or for your own entertainment. It is good to have a collection of various models of anime and video games. This post lacks some One Piece figures, you can find them on https://luffyfigure.com.

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