Fix Windows 10 Start Menu Doesn’t Work or Open

For a long time Windows users, the Windows 10 Start Menu is essential. But, what the Start menu doesn’t Open or work? What solutions are best to solve the problem?

Don’t worry! Here are troubleshooting tips you can use enjoy Windows again. 

Restart Your PC

You might have heard this several times, but it’s wise to give it a try. Some issues of your PC will be resolved if you restart it. It’s an old trick, but this might work so give it a try!

Search for Corrupted Files

If you’re using Windows for many years, you probably know that Windows has a system file checker that fixes corrupted files. The computer would also be restored on its proper state after the corrupted files have been checked.

 You can follow the system file check by doing the following steps:

  • Use Run for you to open the Command Prompt and then you type cmd
  • Once you see the Command  Prompt, you type sfc /scannow

The command would instruct Window to fix the corrupted files on the computer’s system.

Restart Windows Explorer

The start menu is handled by Window Explorer so if you restart Window Explorer, you can put the Start Button in its normal state. 

Here are effective steps for you restart Windows Explorer:

  • You open Task Manager by holding SHIFT, CTRL and ESC keys at the same time.
  • Now, you to the Processes Tab. If you don’t see tabs, you click more details.
  • Next, you scroll down and find Windows Explorer you can see from the active applications.
  • You right click Window Explorer, and then you click Restart.

Start the Application Identity Service 

Windows 10 users don’t usually use the Application Identity Service, but you can force the application to run to fix the Windows 10 Start Menu.  

How do you use the Application Identity Service?

  • You go running (Windows + R), and then you type SERVICES.MSC.
  • You search the Application Identity in services you see.
  • Then, you right-click Application Identity and you hit Start. Then, you restart your computer. 

Turn Off the Sign-In Info

Do you have trouble with the start menu once you restart your PC or when there’s a Windows update? The solution to the problem might be your Windows account.  So, you have to turn off the sign info of your account to solve the problem.

Here’s how you do it:

  • You go to Settings then to Accounts and Sign-in Options.
  • You scroll down until you see the Privacy options. 
  • Next, you turn off the option so that you can use the sign in info. It would set your device after the restart or update of the computer.

Create A New Admin Account

If you’re not using your Admin Account often, it’s time to create a new account.  You can do it through the following:

  • You Open Task Manager
  • You go to File and Run New Task
  • You type net user username password /add

You can try these tips now and see the excellent solutions you can gain.  You would fix the Windows 10 Start Menu in no time!

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