Best Windows Software

Windows users can access a large number of both free and paid software. Software mentioned in this post are the best in its category.

AVG AntiVirus includes real-time security updates, scans for both malware and performance issues. It can even catch malicious downloads before they start to infect your computer. The FREE edition has everything a computer need to protect against e-threats.
When you play games online, you are exposing your computer to threats and viruses. This is where Kaspersky Internet Security comes in. It provides your PC with the online security it needs. The light weight of the software also acts as an added benefit.
Bitdefender is an award-winning protection against existing or new e-threats. It features a simple and dark interface which is loaded only with the bare-bones protection features.
Panda offers a full yet light antivirus, anti adware and anti spyware suite for both normal and gaming usage. It offers real-time and scheduled scans against all types of malware and spyware. It has Panda Rescue Kit, which creates a rescue USB drive to boot and clean infected computers.
Mumble is a free and open-source voice chat that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Mumble specializes in low-latency communication, which makes it an excellent tool for chat that involves teamplay.
The fun of playing online games derives from the interaction you have with other people in the community. Discord is slowly replacing other software such as Ventrilo, TeamSpeak to be main voice chat app of online game communities.
Adobe Illustrator is the leading software when it comes to vector illustration. The tool provides professional set of tools to design the most creative web, print, game assets, etc... Adobe Illustrator CC already has all the drawing tools you need to turn simple shapes and colours into sophisticated logos, icons and graphics.
CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite is a top graphic design software used by professionals, and design enthusiasts worldwide. The suite provides a seamless design experience for graphics, photo editing, tracing, web images, print projects, layout, illustration, art, typography, and more.
It is a professional quality vector graphics software that can be run on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux/GNU. Used by design professionals and hobbyists across the globe, the software is great for creating a variety of graphics, such as icons, diagrams, maps, illustrations, logos, web graphics, and maps. Inkscape features a broad range of useful tools for object creation, manipulation, and grouping. It uses the W3C open standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) as its native format and is an open source and free software.
Do you recklessly delete files and games when on a spree to clean your PC? Recuva recovers files from your Windows computer, recycle bin, digital camera card, or MP3 player.
Who doesn’t want to boast about their victories or record their best games? Fraps is a manageable way to do so. While the free version allows you to record a thirty-second video of your adventure and take screenshots, you can buy the full version for better features. Fraps is also main tool to check frame-rate-per-second of a game. Open this software and you will see a big yellow fps number while playing a game. More tools for gamers
CCleaner works by removing the junk files to speed up your PC for better gaming experience
GNU Image Manipulation Program is a freely distributed software used for photo retouching, image authoring, and image composition. It allows the user to customize the view and behavior as they like because every task requires a different environment. The widget theme lets them change colors, widget spacing, and size of the icons to custom tool sets in the toolbox. GIMP user interface is modularized into docks that allow you to keep them in their own window or stack them into tabs. It also features a full-screen mode where you can not only preview your artwork but also edit it.