What is Atlas VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a service that routes your internet connection through an encrypted tunnel to give you the highest level of security and privacy possible on the web. VPNs can be used by individuals, organizations, and even countries as a way to block out hackers and governments from monitoring their online communications and data transfers.

What is Atlas VPN?

Atlas VPN is a new, free service that launched in January 2020. They offer a premium version for faster servers and optimized streaming experience with an option to choose from 32 locations compared to 3 available on the basic plan.

The official website: Atlas VPN

With Atlas VPN, you can protect your personal information with encryption, bypass geo-blocks to access any content restricted to certain countries, and worry less about hackers monitoring your online activities. Their service is high-performance with one of the highest level of security and privacy measures in place.

Atlas VPN Price

Can you use Atlas VPN for free?

Yes. Atlas VPN offers a free package which is available to anyone.

With the Atlas VPN free version, you can connect to multiple servers without paying a cent. You can upgrade at any time if you want additional features and improved performance.

Premium packages

With the premium services, you get more than just streaming-optimized servers. You gain access to a virtual private network (VPN) that encrypts your data and provides security against hackers attempting to steal sensitive information such as passwords or credit card details.

Streaming speeds are optimized with the addition of multiple server locations around the world so users can watch their favorite TV shows from anywhere in Europe or Asia without experiencing any lags during playback due to slow connection speeds caused by distance between viewers and broadcasters’ geographical location.

24/7 customer support is also offered for all customers using this service plan.

How Fast is Atlas VPN?

Atlas VPN offers a premium version that includes faster servers and optimized streaming experience. However, the free version is also fast enough for YouTube or any other popular sites.

The premium version are tested to reach 40Mbps download speed on some servers.

You can access Atlas VPN on any device with an internet connection, including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and routers.

Atlas VPN will allow you to choose the country where you want your ip address to appear from. So, if you are in France and want to appear in the US to watch a movie or TV show restricted to that region, Atlas VPN will allow you to do so.

Is Atlas VPN Safe?

The first thing people use a VPN is for its security so going through a review of the service’s security measures is important.

One of the most notable features here is that Atlas VPN uses military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. This is an advanced form of encryption that has yet to be hacked.

Atlas VPN also uses some other security measures like DNS leak protection, IPv6 leak protection, and a kill switch to protect your privacy

Atlas VPN is a free, secure service that allows you to access blocked websites and stream your favorite shows. However, it only offers one tunneling protocol which slows down the speed of data transfer.

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