Ways to Clear Memory and Boost RAM on Windows

Your computer might be in top performance from the past months. But, you suddenly noticed that it run slowly and you’re facing PC performance issues all the time. You would think to bring your computer to a repair shop to have it checked.  That might not be the best solution if you can clear memory and boost the RAM of your PC.

But before we proceed to that, let us first know the reasons why computers breakdown. Here are a few causes why your PC is suffering for performance issues.

  • Degrading system components 
  • Power surges
  • Bad memory chips that are  due to use and age
  • The computer doesn’t have enough RAM
  • Excessive software launch during startup
  • Viruses and malware that  consume the system sources

Even though you can’t control the age of your PC, there are still excellent tips you can use to clear its memory and boost the computer’s RAM.

Check the Computer Processes

One of the excellent ways to clear memory is to make sure there are system processes that consume the computer’s system resources. You check the system processes you see in the Task Manager and search for the problem in the applications.  Then, you determine the applications that consume excessive RAM.

  1. You right click the Window taskbar and then select Task Manager. 
  2. Next, you click the Processes tab.
  3. You sort out the processes by memory and recognize the apps you see.

If you find problems, you click Control Panel and select Programs and Features. Last, you uninstall the applications.

Clean Startup Programs

Memory issues in your PC aren’t an easy process to resolve. The software that you installed is embedded on the computer’s system and consumes RAM.

When this happens, the programs wouldn’t appear on the top list of Task Manager. But, these programs are included in the programs that launch when the PC starts. 

Here are the following ways how you can clean the startup programs:

  • Choose the Task Manager and click the Startup tab. 
  • You sort the list on the Startup impact field.
  • You determine the applications that you don’t need or use. 
  • You right-click the applications and select Disable.

You Clear the Page File When the Computer Shuts Down

When you turn off your computer, the system RAM is cleared. But, the page file on the hard drive isn’t.   The page file is in the area of the hard drive that the operating system OS uses as physical RAM when the system RAM is full. 

Here are the following steps you can perform if you want to clean the page file:

  • You type the start menu, and you type Regedit. Then you click the Regedit run command.  
  • Then, you would see the Registry Editor. 
  • You double click  the ClearPageFileAShutdown you see on the right,
  • Last, you set the Value data field into 1 then you click OK.

You can also perform other methods that would clear memory and boost RAM. Your computer’s performance would be back to normal if you boost the computer’s RAM right away. From here, you’re sure that the computer Is in good condition.

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