Top New Features in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Windows 10’s Fall Creators Update has been among us for a few weeks and we have the latest details about this, afamous project known also as Redstone 3 (codename). There are a few all new features and there are several improvements. Now, we will discuss them.

OneDrive Files on Demand

The feature in question was originally seen in Windows 8.1 but was absent ever since. In essence, it allows you to store files on One Drive and to access them without synchronization, meaning that Windows will download them immediately. What’s even better is the fact you can use the feature for files which are located on Desktop or even Documents folder. We also know that Google Drive and Dropbox are implementing the same feature.

Fluent Design- New design language

One of the most impressive, new features is the Fluent Design, a new design language. It also uses transparency, motion, light, and depth, but much more than earlier releases, making the user interface looking much better. If you may know, this is based on a Project Neon, a new design language developers at Microsoft have been working on.

Additionally, this feature allows you to use stylus much better than ever before, making atouch interface simpler and quicker.

Windows My People (People Bar)

Now, you will have the opportunity to use People Bar, which is a feature focused on making Windows easier to communicate with friends. You can add 3 people to the taskbar and access them easier than ever. This actually was one of the most desirable features by the users when they discovered that Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will be released.

Track GPU usage from Task Manager

Finally, users can track know much of GPU is used at any given moment. To do so, you will have to go to Task Manager/Performances tab and check GPU usage. Keep in mind that it may be needed to enable this feature before you are able to use it.

All-new touch keyboard

The update in question brings us a new touch keyboard, which is actually based on SwiftKey and WordFlow keyboards, which we were able to see on smartphones. WordFlow is a keyboard users on Windows Phone use, while SwiftKey is reserved for Android and iOS users. A new keypad makes typing easier by allowing swift input. It also has a much better predictive text feature and it runs smoother than ever before.

Future implementation of iTunes and Shopify

At the moment, the Microsoft Store is offering Shopify, but soon we will be able to download iTunes from there as well. Microsoft announced that this feature will be available anytime soon, but there is no precise information about the date.

Don’t forget that after 31th of December, Groove Music won’t operate anymore. All users with asubscription are advised to download their songs before the deadline. Groove Music will be entirely replaced with Shopify.

Microsoft Edge is better than ever

Although the update brings a few upgrades to the Edge, Microsoft still has plenty of features to add to this browser. One of the most important is to bookmark multiple tabs at once. Then we have a feature which allows us to add webpages to the taskbar.

When it comes to design, Edge runs smoother and soon we will be able to experience improved tab opening and closing. The user interface will be better as well. Full-screen mode is available when you press F11.

The final word

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is definitely worth installing. It finally solves some of the annoying issues Windows users were unable to use and it improves the visual performance of the operating system.

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