How to Change WordPress Login URL

In today’s modern generation, you can’t be so sure about your security while using the web. With that, you must know the best alternative to this matter. WordPress is among the best systems that you use on your computer. However, it is also a system that is prone to hackers. Well, you can now change your WordPress Login URL to increase your security. The following ideas will guide you through this process.

Add /wp-login/ to the end of your website that is powered by WordPress. There, you can see the login page. A hacker who knows where your login page is can possibly get the correct password and username of your account. With this, you must do something. If the wp-login doesn’t work, then you can input the WordPress plugin WPS Hide Login.

There are many plugins, so you must get a custom code. It doesn’t make changes to your website codes or files, so you must not worry about a rogue plugin to your site. The WPS Hide Login intercepts attempts to the wp-login page and it redirects to the page you choose.

Instead of the login page, you can set it to With this, no one will know about your new WordPress login URL, unless you tell someone. You must also remember your login URL, because you may be locked out of your website if you forget your URL. If that happens, you need to remove the plugin with an FTP program. With this, you can reset it to its default settings.

Use the WPS Hide Login plugin

Most of the people that use WordPress websites know how to install plugins. You can also upload it directly. The plugin can be found on

Configuring the settings

After the plugin installation, you can select the settings link. Here, you can have 2 options, the New login URL and the URL people should be redirected to. You must choose your unique login URL. You must also make sure that you have a difficult password. Then, you can proceed to the redirection page.

The advantage of changing your WordPress login URL is that you can have security from hackers. It can stop them to give a quick try to log in to your page. Like your house’s front door, it is better to have a lock than have no one. It will provide you with a backup that can help you to avoid possible problems with stupid hackers.

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