5 Types of Anime

The different Japanese terms being thrown in Anime and Manga may be overwhelming, especially for beginners. Though long time anime fans and lovers know their way around, it may be a little hard to navigate for those who are newbies and beginners.

With all the varieties of names and classifications of different manga and anime worldwide, it is a bit hard to keep track and catch up at times. Comic book doesn’t want any newbie to find it difficult to keep track. So, in order to make sense of it all, here are the 5 must-know basic types of anime:


Shonen anime usually features young male protagonists and intends to meet the interest and appeal of the younger males. These animes usually have elements of drama, action, comedy, and fights. If you love anime, I think you’ve already watched popular Shonen such as Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Attack on Titan.

Attack On Titan

This anime is in an awkward situation because fans aren’t sure if it is a shonen. However, it was originally published in a shonen magazine and contains several elements of the genre.


A Shoujo type of anime is opposite to the stories and themes of Shonen. This type of anime is usually for the viewing pleasure of younger girls, which means lesser action and fights, more focus on romance, and interpersonal relationships.

Special A

The heroine is not your typical main character. She is dominant, clueless, and very competitive. The background is set in a high school in which competition means everything. Will she choose max score or love?


These types of anime are usually classified and intended for the viewing of an adult male or young adults. Seinen’s themes and stories may seem similar to Shonen, but it is, however, more sophisticated with scenes and stories which are more psychologically, intense, satirical, violent, and sexual.


Viewers follow the adventures of the combat-hardened mercenary Guts as he joins a sword-for-hire group called the Band of the Hawk.


The counterpart of Seinen. Josei, more than anything, focuses on romance and is for the viewing of adult women. Compared to shoujo, Josei type anime has a more realistic feel and focuses on darker, erotic, and intense subject matters.


What happens when two women who have the same name become friends?


For children, Kodomomuke is the type of anime for them. This is the only type that is appropriate for child viewing. Kodomomuke anime usually has a moral to it and are creative, imaginative, and adorable.

For newbies, knowing the 5 types of anime first is the best way to start. Through this, you will identify which will suit your interest and which among them are appropriate for you.

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