10 Best Node.js Frameworks

Node.js is one of the innovative additions to the web development scene. By providing a runtime app setting, Node.js allows developers to create server-side scripts in Javascript. Current research shows that Node.js is the most sought-after framework for developing frontend and backend for online applications.

With the many perks that Node.js offers for developing data-intensive, real-time uses, the Node.js framework for developing sites, applications, as well as APIs is renowned amongst developers. Below are the top 10 Node.js frameworks which can make web development efficient and faster.


This is an open-source framework, made and maintained by the Node.js foundation. This is intended to work as a middleware and a direction-finding framework. Express is a part of the MEAN stack for developing the backend, together with AngularJS and MongoDB for developing the front end.


This is a new Node.js framework that focuses on server-side scripting. It is made to develop server-side apps. What makes this framework apart from the rest is that it utilizes TypeScript, an exclusive superset of Javascript. If you’re familiar with Angular which also utilizes TypeScript, you’ll have no issue developing your backend with this feature, like syntax and components will look quite familiar.  This type of framework comes with a modular structure classifying code. With such an arrangement, utilizing external libraries is easier. What is more, the main idea behind this framework is to give architecture to the app right out of the box, which helps developers develop maintainable, loosely bound, and scalable software solutions with ease.


This framework is made for creating web applications. Due to its considerable support of MVS patterns as well as REST principles, it allows developers to develop well-architected apps.  If you are families with Ruby on Rails, you find Locomotive easier to get started.


This is an MVC framework for developing responsive web applications utilizing CSS, HTML, as well as Javascript. This framework also functions well with frontend frameworks like Bootstrap, Backbone, Ember, ReactJS, and Angular. It is well-match with databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, SQLite, and MongoDB.


This is your next-generation Node.js framework. It is smaller, but more robust and considered a dark horse in the world of Node.js framework. Koa is a super lightweight middleware framework aside from being powerful, and a lot of developers all over the world utilized Koa over other frameworks.  This is utilized to build an effective web app and APIs. It is utilized to enhance web app readability, and it offers an elegant suite of ways to do responsive service and improve the handling of errors.


This is one of the most renowned real-time frameworks today. It has all the essential features needed for creating an app for small-scale customer chat applications to business-grade programs. It’s compatible with lots of Grunt modules that take into account Stylus, Dust, SASS, LESS, CoffeeScript, and many others. This Node.js framework is the best solution for you if you wish to make a real-time chatting app, a browser-based app, and multiplayer games.


An open-source Node.js framework for developing mobile and web apps, this framework incorporates well with Vuejs, React, Cordova, NPM, MongoDB, and AngularJS. With Meteor framework, developers have the chance to create apps utilizing just one language- Javascript in all settings like an app server, mobile device, and web browser.


This framework is utilized for developing real-time web and mobile apps. Derby’s Racer, a true-time data synchronization engine for Node.js enables multi-site, true-time concurrency as well as synchronization of data across servers and clients. This optimizes conflict resolution and enables real-time editing by controlling the ShareJS.


This is considered one of the most powerful  Node.js frameworks. This is utilized for making an app program interface of API. This framework doesn’t rely upon the Express framework, and it’s one of the rivalries of the Express. It was made by WalMart for their task done since then it becomes popular.  This is an ideal option for a business-size app. Its business-centric framework is best suited to handle input corroboration, error handling logging as well as others. Hapi empowers many big enterprises such as PayPal, Disney, Mozilla, and many others.


This is ideal for applications that require real-time, event-based, and bidirectional communication. Socket aspires to make real-time applications possible in each browser and smartphone, blurring the disparities between the diverse support mechanisms. This also supports many means of transport like Flashsockets and WebSockets, long polling, and a whole lot more, instantly falling back once transport fails.


Hope that this review gave you a proper understanding of the top 10 best Nodejs frameworks which are continuing to become popular in the domain of software development. If you are planning to start a web app project, you can choose from any of the frameworks provided above. But, make sure you have the right skills to do so.

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