Create Code Screenshots From Visual Studio Code with Polacode

Polacode is an extension of Visual Studio Code, which can take screenshots of our code, and in style. The extension generates a screenshot with the same style and theme as its source code.

Like other extensions, you can install Polacode from Extension Marketplace.

Why use Polacode instead of taking a screenshot?

  • It generates image of decent quality.
  • It uses the same style and theme as our codes.
  • It hides errors, warnings, and any unnecessary texts.

How to use Polacode

  1. Open the file of which source code you want to take a screenshot of.
  2. Highlight the part you want to take a screenshot of
  3. Go to View > Command Palette then type polacode and select its respective option.
  4. There will be separated window with “Polacode” as title. Paste the highlighted code in this window.
  5. Click on the camera-like icon to take a screenshot.

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