Best Atom Editor Tips to Improve Workflow

An atom is a source of free open-source text and code editor in your computers and other gadgets you are using in your daily life. An atom helps your work making it easier for you to type what you want to do or in your job that connects to a part of an atom. An atom is based on a part of electrons. Desktop applications using web technologies. Some are packaged and has complete software license and our community build and maintain safe and durable

Improving your workflow is nice because you won’t be tired and it won’t be harder for you to perform your job easily and fast. Having a guide or an app is more useful and helpful in your daily job without any delay or hassles. Knowing different shortcuts is the best way to make things faster and more suitable for you to work with.

Tips & Shortcuts to Improve Workflow

  • Multiple Cursors – hold cmd or ctrl. To duplicate many things you want to type anywhere in your personalized document or at work.
  • Character Case Convert – Most time we have wrong typos and mistaken words we type that is in the wrong case. Just convert a shouty sentence, and it will lead you to its lowercase. It is located in the edit text, and you will find manipulation tools. Just press it, and the work will be done.
  • Auto Indent – Select the code edit > lines > auto indent that is simple and select the word/s that is wrong. Just copy the correct identification code and it will right the wrong typos you made.
  • Soft-Wrap – By the word soft, It makes your work smooth and faster. You won’t be using the up-down arrow. Just enable soft wrap in an atom. With the soft wrap, it makes sure that their nothing going off the edge that wraps around it. This will indent the word/s to the same level as the previous line and replaces it with the number of a (.)
  • Emmet –  It helps you to write complex structures into the shortest text you want.  It helps you to design yours in your thoughts.
  • Atom Beautify – This is a full package in which you can choose which beautify your text code and the whole page is in its full package. This allows you to make the texts more neat and presentable.
  • Highlight Selected – Elect a word by double-clicking it. It is easy to track and find the word within the selected file without jumbling it all at once.
  • Font Sizes – Font is critical because it helps your text code to be presentable even if it’s in small or bigger text. But if you want to change it though, go to Atom Preferences and pick what kind of text you want to add to your document.
  • Split Screen – If you have a big screen and you want to make your work faster by doing it side by side, use right click then choose Side Left or Side Right. Now you can do your work easy and faster.
  • Auto Close – By this, you can close your HTML tags without erasing, or maybe when you have forgotten to save. They stay how it was before.

Some people say shortcuts are cheating. However, shortcuts are needed in everything that you do to improve your business workflow. Also, it helps you make your job neat, presentable, easy, and faster.

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