10 Best Smartphone Accessories

From portable chargers to keep powered up for many days, a protective case to keep the phone safe from accidental falls, there are lots of fun and practical accessories available for your smartphone. Well-chosen accessories can increase the usability of your phone and make it perform things that are not likely on its own. Here are the top 10 must-have smartphone accessories.

Protective Case

The newest high-end smartphone is not just beautiful but also extremely costly. A durable case is a worthwhile expense and easily protects the unit against bumps and knocks. The protective case is available in various sizes and shapes. Some are built to be waterproof and rugged, while some are just there to complement the design. A protective case is highly recommended for keeping your smartphone safe and sound. They come in various styles and varying levels of protection.

Cables and Chargers

A cable and charger as generally included with the unit upon your purchase, since almost all smartphones are rechargeable. Having at one extra set is a smart idea as cables can get damaged or lost. A cable and charger designed to work in the twelve-volt outlet of an auto are extremely handy for use on the road. This is advisable when utilizing a GPS mapping app as those apps use lots of power. Some phones available make use of a USB plug charging cable that allows the device to be charged from a laptop or computer, as well as for downloading apps and synchronizing.


A set of earphones or ear-buds is normally supplied with a smartphone for listening to audio played back on the device. A wireless headset that gets rid of the wired connection can be used with many smartphones. A phone can be used as a hands-free phone when calling or accepting calls by using a wireless headset that includes a microphone.

Screen Protectors

This accessory is made of a clear high-durable plastic material that is attached straight to the touchscreen with a special water-based adhesive. This helps in keeping the surface of your phone safe and sound from scratches and bumps. All screen protectors available are made so as not to get in the way with the sensitivity of the unit’s touchscreen, and some types of screen protectors are made to minimize glare. Be careful when setting up the screen the protector- the touchscreen surface should be totally clean prior to attaching the screen protector.


A stylus is an extremely valuable accessory for those instances when more accurate control over the touchscreen is needed, which can be acquired with a fingertip. These accessories can be very reasonable and are valuable. Some are made with a pencil or pen.

Car kits and Mounts

These are handy for attaching the phone to the window or dashboard when using the phone with a GPS app for following a route on a map while driving. A lot of devices will fit various kinds of brands and can include charging capability, speakerphones as well as antenna connections. But, you need to be extra careful not to let viewing the map hinder your vision.


Generally speaking, the battery which comes with a phone is rechargeable. Once you remember to recharge your phone when the battery is drained, you shouldn’t need a spare. But, spare batteries for phones with replaceable batteries can be purchased for only $20 to $40. Special cases integrating a backup battery is accessible for some units- like, for instance, iPhone that doesn’t have a user-replaceable battery.

Bluetooth Speakers

With the capability to hold a considerable library of music, your phone can be a good source of high-quality music. So, get the best sound quality, it can benefit from buying a good Bluetooth speaker. This gives you a crisp and clear audio and also makes it likely to share preferred tracks with others. They are ideal for the office, or home or the rugged speakers are a sensible choice for the next outdoor adventure.

Auxiliary Cable

Also known as UAX cable, the device is handy and utilized for many purposes. The most common use is to connect an MP3 player to a stereo externally. This makes this cable a vital accessory. 

Camera lens

A lot of the latest smartphones are made with a decent camera. But, they are limited by the dimension of the small lens. But, it’s likely to boost the function of the cam by investing ina fish-eye, telephoto or wide-angle lens. 

There are lots of accessories for your smartphone available from various manufacturers. When you do choose an accessory, make sure it is made of high-quality materials and ensure it works with your phone.

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