Boruto’s Eyes and Their Power

Boruto is a continuation of Naruto, the popular anime from 2002. The show follows Boruto Uzumaki as he and his friends attend school together, go on missions, and learn to live up to their parents’ legacies. It’s been 15 years since Naruto ended its original run in 2007, but the new series picks up right where it left off with Boruto at age 12. What will happen next for this young shinobi?

Boruto is probably best-known for his eyes. Today we will give you a full explanation of what they mean and what is their power.

Boruto processes the Pure Eye

Pure Eye is known as Jougan and it is a separated form of Tenseigan. In other terms it is known as Kekkei Genkai and to get it, you will need bloodline of Kaguya and Hamura. Kaguya has Rinne-Sharingan or as you may know it, the third eye. It is Kekkei Mora. You will want to know that the black color of the eye is kurama’s chakra. It helps him heal faster when needed and it uses all the time.

The white in the eye is completely different. It is Byakugan and it allows him to see chakra. But, it also allows him to use transportation ninjutsu, an important asset in the series. Boruto has the ability to see negative chakra thanks to the kurama’s chakra. Some of you may recall that he unlocked or activated these powers in the first episode when he saw his friend in distress. He has been using the powers ever since and we should know that they make it one of the most appealing and the strongest characters of all times.

If you want to take a deeper look, we will add that rinnegan is only possible as a result of the mixed bloodline from Uchiha and Senju. On the other side, Tenseigan is only possible as a combination of the Hyuga and Otsutsuki.

Tenseigan is a unique set of abilities. The one who possesses them can sense the chakra across time and space, can wear a cloak made of chakra and use truth seeking balls. The biggest advantage is probably the teleportation through time, as we mentioned earlier. In addition, the true power of Tenseigan isn’t known at the moment. We will have to wait and see which powers will Boruto reveal in the future.

We hope you had a great time learning all about the Boruto’s eyes and his powers. We can only add that they are supreme powers that make a massive difference in his world and they make it one of the most powerful characters of all times and definitely one of the most appealing.

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