100+ Best New Android Games in 2019

Android games have been growing constantly in both quality and quantity over the past few years. There are new Android games released daily.

Here, we compiled the best new Android games. There are a lot of new free Android games to choose from.

  • 10-2019
  • Call of Duty: Mobile

    Official CALL OF DUTY® designed exclusively for mobile phones. Play iconic multiplayer maps and modes anytime, anywhere. 100 player Battle Royale battleground? Fast 5v5 team deathmatch? Scary Zombies action? Sniper vs sniper battle? you will unlock and earn dozens of famous characters, weapons, outfits, scorestreaks and pieces of gear that can be used to customize your loadouts.

    LEAGUE OF WONDERLAND features 2 minute 1-on-1 battles in real-time. Characters in the game come from well-known fairy tales, history and myths come to life. Make a customized deck of 8 cards then use Heroes in the deck to destroy your opponent’s Towers within 2 minutes. The one destroy 2 towers first wins.
  • 09-2019
  • Ode To Heroes

    Seek for truth in the world of Ode to Heroes, and waken potential heroes! Lead your heroes to adventure throughout the history and repair the disordered timeline! Seek for potential heroes in the chaotic timeline! Hundreds of legendary personages with distinctive characteristics and experience. Earn their loyalty to fight for you! Ancient equipment, legendary artifacts, all kinds of surprises are awaiting you to explore!
  • Rogue Adventure

    Rogue Adventure is mainly a deck-building game and mix with RPG and roguelike mechanics. Discover different worlds, each with unique enemies and dangers, defeat all the bosses to become a hero. Find hundreds of different cards and powerful skills to create your perfect deck. Unlock new classes to try different strategies and have unlimited fun.
  • Tropico

    Tropico exists as a port of the PC game Tropico 3. It's a simulation game where you get to rule over a semi-democratic banana republic. Develop and manage every aspect of Tropico, from its roads, buildings and people, to its military, trade and foreign policies!
  • Men in Black: Global Invasion

    Step into the shoes of a Men In Black agent in the official mobile game of the Men In Black franchise! Alien criminals are invading every corner of the planet are now threatening the safety of humankind. Utilizing the latest location-based AR technology, it is up to you to find and capture these aliens before it is too late!
  • State of Survival

    The infection ripped across the country taking civilization with it. Any surviving military or government went to ground. The land belongs to the infected now. As well as any survivors brave enough to stake their claim for it.

    Hokuto Shinken. Once feared as the most deadly martial art ever to exist, its secrets were believed to have been lost... Until now with mobile gameplay and money grabbing formula IAPs, gacha draws, a VIP system, multiple currencies, and a stamina system. The game is for an old school fan.
  • 08-2019
  • Void Tyrant

    Void Tyrant is a single-player adventure, play with 500+ cards and three unique classes to engineer a custom deck to your own design. Rooted in the simple hit-or-stand mechanics of blackjack, Void Tyrant is an easy to understand roguelike with engrossing depth. Battle quirky aliens, disarm traps, upgrade your spaceport, and face off with the sinister Wruut.
  • Super Mecha Champions

    Pilot Mecha through every corner and between the highrises of a contemporary ACG Japanese-style cityscape. From a pretty lass with double pony tails to a suave, winsome man, there's a parade of characters waiting for you to discover and unlock.
  • The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands

    Build your settlement in a snowy encampment and manage workers and resource to survive monster attacks during nights. Slowly you will gain access to advanced building and crafting options discover and trade with new civilizations and discover the secrets of the ancients.
  • Battle Chasers: Nightwar

    Inspired by the classic console greats, Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a wild adventure featuring deep dungeon diving, turn-based combat presented in a classic JRPG format, and a rich story driven by the exploration of the world
  • 07-2019
  • Heroic - Magic Duel

    Heroic - Magic Duel is another PvP game where you'll battle your way through Heroic Arenas. Collect, upgrade and evolve powerful Spells and Minions, build a Deck to match your playstyle and climb your way up the Leaderboards.

    TEPPEN is a card-based battle game that stars everyone's favorite Capcom characters. You command units to operate in real time, featuring dynamic action with over-the-top attacks blowing up your screen.
  • Wonderpants : Rocky Rumble

    Wonderpants: Rocky Rumble is a distance shooting game where you'll tap on the screen to launch your character as far as you can and get your Wonderpants back.
  • Total Party Kill

    Total Party Kill is a fantastic puzzle-platformer set in a deep and dark dungeon. Control 3 different heroes and use their unique abilities to solve mind-bending puzzles by sacrificing your teammates.
  • Walk Master

    Walk Master is a walking action simulator where you'll control different animals as they traverse forest and farms on a pair of stilts
  • 06-2019
  • Layton: Diabolical Box in HD

    Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box is the second installment of the popular Professor Layton Series. The game features more than 150 brain teasers, including slide puzzles, matchstick puzzles, and even trick questions to flex players’ observation, logic, and critical thinking skills.
  • Nonstop Knight 2

    The action RPG Nonstop Knight 2 is finally here! Equip your knight with legendary gear, idle your hero in epic dungeons full of monsters and bosses. Nonstop Knight 2 features intuitive controls, playable with one thumb, without compromising what’s important in ARPGs: equipment, skills and epic boss fights. Similar games to Non-Stop Knight 2 are often introduced by TL Android Games.
  • Human: Fall Flat

    Human: Fall Flat is a multiplayer physics puzzle platformer. It is fun to play with friends and create tons of funny moments. Players can walk , jump, grab anything, climb and carry anything in 10 open-ended levels full of challenging puzzles and hilarious distractions.
  • Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

    This game is an real-world augmented reality game similar to Pokemon Go. It is inspired by the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Players will spend their time chasing down Foundables (cursed items) that are infecting Muggle regions.
  • Gobble Dash

    Swipe your finger to dash along corridors and gobble the pellets as the snake's body becomes longer and longer!
  • Apollo : A Dream Odyssey

    Apollo : A Dream Odyssey is a third-perspective game in which users embark on a storybook-inspired journey into Apollo's dreams while solving puzzles that require out-of-the-box thinking and patience.
  • Wild Bullets

    A bandit gang of demons has appeared in a little western town, turning its residents into mind controlled puppets. It is up to the towns sheriff to track down and defeat the four demon bosses and their minions before all mankind is enslaved.
  • Angry Birds Explore

    Angry Birds Explore is a fun and exciting way to bring the Angry Birds world to your living room through the magic of augmented reality!
  • 05-2019
  • Pokémon Rumble Rush

    Pokémon Rumble Rush is a mobile-oriented Pokemon game. It's easy to control your Pokémon with one hand. Moving your Pokemon forward and attack enemy Pokemon by tapping the screen to clear the stage.
  • SiNKR2

    Much like its previous game, players will spend their time solving puzzles where hooks, pucks, and various contraptions are the tools that will allow you to progress. SiNKR2 is a good minimalist puzzle game.
  • Durango: Wild Lands

    Durango: Wild Lands brings an old topic, dinosauur, to MMO genre. Durango: Wild Lands is an open world game which lets you experience the full freedom to roam a vast, prehistoric land filled with dinosaurs
  • Auto Chess

    By collecting/changing Hero cards, and arranging different formations, 8 chess gamers will be contending for the first prize in the following tens of minutes. Players will randomly get their Heroes in the Sharing Cardpool, and form special formations according to their unique strategies.
  • Terraforming Mars

    Terraforming Mars is the latest digital board game adaptation from Asmodee Digital. In this game, player will lead a corporation and launch ambitious Mars terraforming projects. Direct massive construction works, manage and use your resources, create cities, forests and oceans, and set rewards and objectives to win the game.
  • Armored God

    Armored God is a dark Fantasy MMORPG that will lead you on a journey to bring salvation to the dark world. Explore and conquer the Dark Realm together with the variety armored beast and epic Summon to choose from!
  • Express Thr

    What you need to do is to draw a path that this robot can load and deliver the specified resources as many times as required. You should draw this line at a single stroke, so that you can save your energy to explore other areas!
  • Archero

    In Archero, you play as an archer who raids dungeons and battle against hordes of monsters using ranged weapons like bow and flying dagger.
  • 04-2019
  • Arena of Evolution: Red Tides

    This is a RTS game with a huge number of heroes. All heroes can be upgraded. Even though it is a RTS, it doesn't have micro-management.
  • Spin Up!

    Spin to avoid the obstacles, don’t fall down and fly higher in the sky! Spin Up features beautiful colors.
  • Tower Breaker - Hack & Slash

    Tower Breaker - Hack & Slash is a simple and funny action game. Be a Devil, blow the enemy, and conquer all the towers! Gather the best weapons and strengthen them with 100% chance, the coolest armors and shields, the most royal pet that helps you grow and upgrade. Tower Breaker is one of the best new Android games I recommend for April.
  • Dungeon Warfare 2

    Dungeon Warfare 2 is the definitive sequel to Dungeon Warfare, a challenging tower defense strategy game where you become a dungeon lord to defend your dungeons with the deadliest of traps and insidious contraptions against greedy adventurers and wannabe heroes.
  • Rugby League 19

    Rugby League 19 is your go-to game that delivers the power, speed and intensity of one of the World’s most enthralling sports.
  • Cultist Simulator

    In this infamous roguelike narrative card game, play as a seeker after unholy mysteries in a 1920s-themed setting of hidden gods and secret histories. Become a scholar of the unseen arts. Craft tools and summon spirits. Indoctrinate innocents. Seize your place as the herald of a new age.
  • 03-2019
  • Stardew Valley

    In Stardew Valley, you will play as a farmer who moves to the countryside, and cultivate a new life. The game offers 50+ hours of gameplay content. It is developed to be mobile-friendly and includes mobile-only features such as auto-save and multiple controls options. Stardew Valley is the latest Android game ported from console version.
  • Tricky Taps

    Roll the ball down the twisty road and see how you do in this tricky Tricky Taps puzzle game. Tap the levers to roll the ball, bounce and jump the ball along the twisty road, without letting it drop or hit the spikes.
  • Pa Pa Land: Head Escape

    Fly fast and escape from the projectiles to survive and free the land. Upgrade your character and choose a companion that matches your play style and pop the balloon heads as much as you can and get higher score. Pa Pa Land: Head Escape features hand-drawn doodle visuals with detailed animations and cool characters with different characteristics.
  • RollerCoaster Tycoon® Classic

    RollerCoaster Tycoon® Classic is a new RCT experience, combining the best features from two of the most successful and beloved RCT games in the series’ history – RollerCoaster Tycoon® and RollerCoaster Tycoon® 2. Your mission remains the same, creating and running amazing parks complete with the most outrageous rides imaginable.
  • Cartoon Network Arcade

    Cartoon Network Arcade is a large collection of arcade games. In this collection, you will smash pinatas, punch rainbows, kick soccer trolls, and play a huge library of new awesome Android games.
  • .Connect.

    .Connect. is all about joining same color dots together. The game has over 170 handcrafted levels which are waiting for you to solve.
  • Magic vs Monster

    Magic vs Monster is a brick breaking game combined with RPG elements. In the game, you crush various monsters as a magician! Use your wand, release mystic powers, and combine with various pinball skills to regain land, protect homeland, and prevent invasion from the Ghost Knights!
  • Powernode

    Powernode is a minimal puzzle game that tests your planning and organizing skills. The goal of the game is to reach the highest score possible by creating energy through number combinations.
  • 02-2019
  • JackQuest: The Tale of the Sword

    JackQuest is a new Android game where players will explore the cavernous depths of Korg’s slime-ridden, labyrinthine lair. There, they will solve environmental puzzles, discover power-ups, collect weapons, and challenge subterranean foes, including massive bosses. You can obtain many useful upgrades and power-ups by purchasing them from strategically placed merchants.
  • SenSense

    SenSense is a multiplayer puzzle game. It focuses on solving aspects of an escape game.
  • World of Legends

    World of Legends is an MMORPG that takes place in an open world, where you can freely explore however you like. Recruit and train individual sidekicks, mix and match them up to create the strongest team!
  • Shikhondo - Soul Eater

    Shikhondo - Soul Eater is a Korean bullet-hell shoot 'em up set within a beautiful and bizarre world of Asian mythology. The game is divided into 5 stages of intense bullet-hell action and hypnotic barrage patterns.
  • Arithmagic - Math Wizard Game

    You will play as a math magician who go on a journey to explore the world. You will cast spells with addition, subtraction, division and multiplication skills.
  • Boost Buddies

    Boost Buddies is a pixel-based casual game with simple tap controls. It features 20 unique music tracks 1 for each character and 100's of obstacle challenges.
  • Picky Package

    Picky Package is a game all about picking up and delivering packages. Be a package delivery person, pick up and deliver parcels as fast as possible! Collect powerups and get a drone to fly you around.
  • 01-2019
  • Oddmar

    Oddmar is an adventure game with 24 levels of  physics-based puzzles and platforming challenges. The protagonist struggles with life in his village,  he is shunned by his fellow Vikings and must redeem himself of his squandered potential.
  • Ludoku

    Ludoku is a unique, brain teasing puzzle game, where the goal is to unlock hidden treasures: defy the many traps and dangers to obtain the riches of an ancient Mayan temple. It has 99 unique levels from beginner to extremely challenging. It is a new Android game worth trying.
  • Galaxy Stack

    Galaxy Stack is a unique blend of a shoot em up and a block stacking game. The game features 5 different ships to pilot with varied weapon systems.
  • Space Justice

    Space Justice is a shoot 'em up that takes place in outer space in the 23rd century when the galaxy unites to fight against an unknown foe.
  • Ragnarok M: Eternal Love(ROM)

    Ragnarok M is a MMORPG based on the famous series from 2003, Ragnarok Online. The game features mew and full 3D art that enhances the classic art style.
  • King Crusher

    King Crusher is a rogue-like RPG game with its own unique gameplay. Developed for mobile, the game's dynamic gameplay is based on swipes and cleverly carried-out quick hits to attack, defend, and move using press/slide motions on the characters that make up the King's Hand. You have to  build a team of fighters from 12 unique character classes and become the King's Hand.
  • Arcane Quest Legends

    The Powers of Darkness have spread in the Real of Auria, you must forge your own destiny and fight your way through endless hordes of orcs, undead, demons and all sorts of terrifying creatures.
  • 12-2018
  • Destiny Child

    Destiny Child is a great turn-based RPG game with amazing character designs and lots of new player freebies.
  • Pixel Tap: Color by Number

    Pixel Tap is a coloring game where you create beautiful works of art by filling in the blocks color by color. The game supports thousands of amazing family-friendly artworks. You can also create your own art from your photo or image.
  • Moshpit - Heavy Metal is war

    Moshpit is a physics-based game which makes for a heck of a lot of fun as you watch your enemies fly about like ragdolls. The game features 32 levels and awesome soundtrack.
  • the Sequence [2]

    The Sequence 2 is a challenging logic-based puzzler with a simple design. The 2nd release features new modules and introduces new game mechanics.
  • HexPair - Spot and match in time

    HexPair is a brain training game which asks you to match pairs quickly. The game features beautiful design and images.
  • GrandChase

    GrandChase is a collective RPG with over 70 unique heroes to collect and combine. GrandChase is a great RPG with high-quality graphics, infinite in-game actions and breathtaking story line.

  • Throne Quest RPG

    Throne Quest is an open-world action RPG with full of dungeons and forts. In this game, you can fight 90 types of monsters. search for over 150 unique items of loot, and switch between 12 classes.
  • 11-2018
  • Assassin's Creed Rebellion

    Assassin's Creed Rebellion is the official mobile Strategy-RPG of the Assassin's Creed universe. Join Ezio, Aguilar, Shao Jun, and many different Assassins simultaneously for the first time ever!
  • Kolumno

    Kolumno is a puzzle game that requires intelligence, planning, and patience. You must wait for the right moment and make the ball fall through the intricate columns.
  • Shuyan Saga™

    Shuyan is the princess of Nan Feng and her secret passion for kung fu is called upon when her kingdom falls under attack by the Guer horde, an evil army led by a general who wields a mysterious and otherworldly power.
  • Super Slime Ben

    Use Ben 10’s alien heroes to battle your way through a wacky obstacle course in this platformer, Super Slime Ben!
  • Harmony: Music Notes

    Harmony: Music Notes is a brainteaser puzzle game merging artistic features and addictive gameplay where you need to tap the squares to create beautiful symmetries.
  • Teslagrad

    Teslagrad is a 2D puzzle-platformer with beautiful hand-drawn art, and a unique story. It features action elements where magnetism and other electromagnetic powers are the key to go throughout the game.
  • Spitkiss

    Spitkiss is a colorful and true one finger platformer that lets you enter into the lovely world of the Spitkissers, tiny creatures that communicate through body fluids and emojis.
  • Cat Lady - The Card Game

    Cat Lady is a new mobile card game from Nomad Games, it is based on the official game by AEG. Player will play as cat ladies, trying to tempt cats into their cattery using food, toys, costumes and more.
  • Red Siren: Space Defense

    Red Siren: Space Defense is a space shooting game with futuristic robots, tanks, ships and battle machines. Its amazing visuals and realistic effects make the game worth playing.
  • Epic Seven

    Epic Seven is a rpg game with engaging and immersive storyline and original animated scenes.
  • Hundred Soul

    Hundred Soul is one of the best new Android games by far.Experience the real action that takes advantage of different combinations of equipment and fellows relative to your enemy’s characteristics and vulnerabilities to attack them! Hundred Soul is a new action rpg that will satisfy you with both gameplay and graphics.
  • 10-2018
  • Ghostbusters World

    Using the latest Augmented Reality and Maps technology, find and bust ghosts in the real world! Ghostbusters World is Pokémon GO with ghosts.
  • Trivia Crack 2

    Challenge your friends and family to a trivia competition with questions in our 6 categories: Art, Science, History, Entertainment, Sport and Geography!
  • Toppl.

    Toppl is a perspective puzzle game for fans of brain teasers. The game includes 4 challenging worlds with 40 different levels.

    INTO THE ABYSS is a retro-styled platformer. The game is expected to follow the Metroidvania-style gameplay of the post-Metroid and Castlevania game series.
  • Turn Undead 2: Monster Hunter

    Journey from Victorian London to Egypt and defeat the Mummy King and his legion of monsters in this turn based action puzzle platformer.
  • RWBY: Amity Arena

    The board game, RWBY: Amity Arena takes Remnant by storm as the first Scroll game of its kind. Influences from the Remnant’s favorite board game can be seen with the mixed cast of Grimm, Atlesian Technology, but with an added twist of up and coming Huntsmen and Huntresses that have made the roster for the next Vytal Festival.
  • Siralim 3 (Monster Taming RPG)

    Siralim 3 is a monster taming RPG with an unbelievable amount of content that will last you for hundreds (or even thousands) of hours.
  • PAC-MAN: Ralph Breaks the Maze

    PAC-MAN: Ralph Breaks the Maze is a remastered chasing adventure of the classic series, PAC-MAN.  Guide the PAC-MAN through new mazes, run away or chase the ghosts, and go for high scores and higher levels!
  • Dribble

    Dribble is a platformer game designed for mobile. That means players can simply swipe the direction if they want to toss Dribble.
  • Super Cat Tales 2

    Super Cat Tales 2 is a pure mix of platform fun and explorative adventure. The game features custom made for mobile touch controls.
  • 09-2018
  • Knights and Glory - Tactical Battle Simulator

    Welcome to Knights and Glory, a place to show your strategy skills, claim your victory among millions of people and much, much more.
  • Vampire's Fall: Origins

    Vampire’s Fall: Origins is a 2D open-world RPG with turn-based combat. Create your character, choose your bloodline and venture out in the world. Will you wreck havoc in the land, or be the hero people are longing for?
  • Space Loops

    SWING through space to snatch cereal and make your escape. LAUNCH yourself past black holes, shooting stars and planets. COLLECT Gems to unlock new characters and spaceships
  • Pinball Fantastic

    Pinball Fantastic is a cute, pick up and play pinball game for mobile. Tap the left and right side of your device to flip the flippers.
  • Rocket of Whispers: Prologue

    Rocket of Whispers: Prologue is a short narrative game with a very short playtime. It takes place before the main game, OPUS: Rocket of Whispers, and tells the story of Fei Lin’s first waking moments.
  • 08-2018
  • Restless Raiders

    Restless Raiders is a combination of bubble shooter and idle RPG. You will keep fighting endless enemies while updating shooting power and skills
  • Hipster Attack

    Hipster Attack is a line tower defense game in which players defend the local coffee shop from massive hipster invasion with the help of corporate workers.. The game features humor and cartoonish graphics.
  • Word Sandwich

    Make sandwiches by finding the correct connecting word (middle of the sandwich) that creates 2 separate compound words or phrases.
  • Beach Hero RPG

    Beach Hero RPG is a point-and-click adventure with RPG elements.
  • Slime's Dream

    Slime's Dream is an arcade game with retro artstyle. Jump from wall to wall, and get through all the barriers of light in this arcade game with 80s retro pixel art style!
  • Monster Girl Maker

    This app will hep you create your own cute monster character. Monster Girl Maker features 200+ different parts - skin, eyes, mouth, eyebrows, hair, accessories & clothes, which can be combined to create lots of unique characters.
  • Math and Sorcery - Math Battle RPG

    The game will help you train your math skill while relaxing with your favorite genre, RPG. Count Mathula has stolen the mighty book of Math and Sorcery and now it's up to you to bring it back.
  • ShaqFu: A Legend Reborn

    ShaqFu: A Legend Reborn is  a classic side-scrolling, beat 'em up action at its best. Battle demonic forces as basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal!
  • Epic Evolution

    Epic Evolution is all about merging and evolving fishes.
  • Pocket City

    Pocket City is a city building game. You will play as the new mayor trying to build the new city. Create residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Build parks and recreation spots. Respond to crime and disasters. Watch your city come alive!
  • 07-2018
  • Alto's Odyssey

    Join Alto and his friends and set off on an endless journey to discover majestic desert, vast and unexplored. Soar above windswept dunes, traverse thrilling canyons, and explore long-hidden temples in a fantastical place far from home.

    STAR OCEAN: ANAMNESIS is an epic action-RPG that puts you in the captain’s chair as you lead a team of heroes across the galaxy. Immerse yourself in a rich sci-fi fantasy universe and experience fast-paced combat rendered with gorgeous 3D graphics!
  • Portal Drop

    Blow the bricks and balance with the ball. Be careful, not to fall down!
  • Dawn Break -Origin-

    Dawn Break -Origin- is an extraordinary Action RPG. There won't never be a dull moment when playing this action RPG. In order to conquer the Boss, all you can do is to challenge and practice continuously!
  • Minion Wire

    Minion Wire is a simple puzzle game. Progress the levels and complete the challenges to unlock all the unique and funny minions!
  • Boxing Star

    Enter the world of Boxing, and seize it all! Rise from lowly street fights all the way up to become the World Champion! Arm yourself with custom gloves, hone your skills and Knock'em Out with a Mega Punch! Champions are made in the ring!
  • Notorious 99: Battle Royale

    Go on tour with Notorious 99, a competitive real-time Battle Royale game! Think you have what it takes to be the last one standing? Team up and battle to be the last one standing in 20, 50 and 100-player PvP arenas!
  • Up Left Out

    Up Left Out is a puzzle game where you need to connect line to complete a level. Try to solve all 50 levels!
  • Sneak Ops

    Sneak Ops is a pixel-based stealth game where the goal is to not get caught by moving enemies and cameras.  New levels are added daily so it will keep things feeling fresh for quite a while.
  • 06-2018
  • Squirgle

    Squirgle is a fast-paced puzzle game meant for brief moments and all whereabouts.  Pump up the volume for NaN's original tunes and master the concept of number bases!
  • Man or Vampire

    Man or Vampire is an interesting game that combine turn-based strategy and roguelike. Player will go on a journey to become the king of paradise which will put an end to the vampires.

  • Slash Them All

    Your main mission is to cut off zombies' heads and play basketball with them to score as many points as possible. The game features over 20 characters are to unlock.
  • Paint Hit

    Paint Hit is a simple yet addictive game. You only need to shoot and paint the cube to complete a mission.
  • ARK: Survival Evolved

    ARK: Survival Evolved is a mobile dino-adventure game. It features a massive game world combines with 80+ unique dinosaurs and primal creatures for you to capture and tame. Meet up with other players and friends in this Jurassic-era world, to form tribes and work together to build colonies of survivors.
  • Bloons TD 6

    Bloons TD series is coming back. It is a massive 3D tower defense game with 19 powerful monkey towers, 20 original maps and over 100 meta-upgrades.

    The origin of the VALKYRIE PROFILE franchise has finally come to Android. Amid the heavens, the sands of time flowed peaceably, until one fateful day. What began as a simple feud between the Aesir and Vanir would soon ignite a divine war that would come to rage across the lands of men, heralding the coming of the end of the world.
  • Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians

    The game is a fast-paced strategy RPG based on the medieval fantasy realm of Might & Magic. Journey through enchanted lands, collecting fierce and fantastic elemental creatures, and evolve a team of mighty warriors to summon to battle on the path to victory.
  • Hexologic

    Hexologic is a highly addictive language-independent logic puzzle game. Based on hexagonal grids, the game reinvents sudoku rules and brings it to a whole new level.
  • 05-2018
  • World of Tennis: Roaring ’20s

    World of Tennis: Roaring ’20s will bring players back to the 1920s – the golden age of tennis. The swipe and touch control is precise so you won't miss a ball with quick reflex.  You can train your AI character to play just like you.
  • Animal Super Squad

    Animal Super Squad is a physics-based endless running game. The main characters are your favorite animals like chicken, fish.

    Dragon Ball Legends is a fighting game that fans around the world have been waiting for. YOu can play as Dragon Ball character in high quality 3D stages.
  • Minesweeper Genius

    Minesweeper Genius is inspired by the classic Minesweeper game that anyone can find on a Windows machine. The game is a brain teaser that will challenge your mind and logical thinking.
  • Karaz's Conquest

    Karaz’s Conquest is a galaxy invasion pixel-art simulation game. Instead of playing as defender, you will become the aggressive invader.
  • Epic Skater 2

    Epic Skater 2 is a swipe-based skateboarding game. Cn you skate the furthest, and perform the longest combo in Endless mode or skate the perfect line in any of the 24+ Career mode levels?
  • My Singing Monsters Composer

    This game allow players to conduct an orchestra of cute musical Monsters. Characters are from the popular game My Singing Monsters.
  • Bleentoro

    Bleentoro is a simple puzzle game. It features 2 modes, campaign and sandbox.
  • 04-2018
  • Paladins Strike

    Paladins Strike is for fans of Paladins: Champions of the Realm and those who  love MOBA-style gameplay.  There are more than 15 familiar Paladins characters, each with their own weapon and special abilities for you to choose from.
  • Crypto Rider - Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Racing

    Crypto Rider is a 2D racing game, where the tracks are real life historical price data of popular Cryptocurrencies.
  • Dead Rivals - Zombie MMO

    Dead Rivals - Zombie MMO is a fast-paced action game combined with classic MMORPG adventures. The game is set in a zombie-themed world. You have to fight for survival and explore a vast post-apocalyptic open world
  • Vandals

    Vandals is an infiltration game that will transport you to the most emblematic cities of street art. In this turn-based game, the aim is to sneak around police surveillance and spray walls that grow harder and harder to access.
  • God of War | Mimir’s Vision

    Gamers can experience God of War’s world with this app. This is an AR games that let you reveal the legends of Midgard. The game requires ARCore on devices running Android 7.0+.
  • Beast Brawlers - PvP Arena

    Beast Brawlers - PvP Arena is a MOBA game of which characters are all beasts. Choose your Beast and get ready to fight in the ultimate real-time online battle arena. Prepare for fast-paced & exhilarating 2-minute battles with 3 other Beast Riders.
  • Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

    Friday the 13th is a puzzle-solving game combined with horror elements. The game features 100 puzzle levels divided into 8 gut-wrenching strategy-infused episodes.
  • 03-2018
  • Smashing Four

    Smashing Four is a PvP multiplayer game. Players need to build a team of four then play against the others in a smashing game. Stronger cards isn't the only condition to win a battle, players also need strategy to make a perfect landing hit.
  • Death Squared

    Death Squared is a puzzle game for 1 or 2 people with over 80 puzzling levels that unfold via a fully voiced story, and additional vault levels that are almost too hard for human comprehension.
  • Band of Badasses: Run & Shoot

    You’ll laugh at the wild comic characters as you jump from one action-packed shooter stage to the next in Band of Badasses! Play as 6 iconic characters that make up the Band of Badasses roster to rediscover archetypical action movie and comic heroes from the '90s and 2000s.

    CUBE SOCCER AR is turn-based soccer with cube players. You can enjoy soccer physics in AUGMENTED REALITY. The game can be played by multipler, however on 1 screen.
  • Card Quest

    Card Quest is a dungeon crawling adventure game with unique card combat. Players can choose from a variety of unique character classes, and customize their decks to fit their playstyle. Explore the strategic depth of tactical roguelike gameplay, and crush your enemies.
  • MARVEL Strike Force

    In MARVEL Strike Force, player will be join in battle alongside allies and arch-rivals in this action-packed, visually-stunning free-to-play game for your phone or tablet. You can recruit your strike force and form a squad of powerful MARVEL Super Heroes and Super Villains like Iron Man, Captain America, Loki, Elektra, Dr. Strange and more.
  • 02-2018
  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms

    Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of CaoCao is a timeless SRPG classic. You need to assemble a team of elite commanders to conquer your foes, and put your tactical talent to the test against AI and other players alike.
  • Dungeon Cards

    Dungeon Cards is a card roguelike where you move your character card about a field of nine cards. You have to clash your card with neighbouring cards to move it.
  • Rogue Hearts

    Rogue Hearts is a rogue-like dungeon crawler. You will need a strategy with self-judgment and control, a necessity in SRPG and tactical games. Break through challenges and trials by controlling the character directly.
  • Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

    Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition perfects the winning gameplay formula by offering the most exciting fighting game on mobile. You can play as one of 32 world warriors and test your mettle against players from around the world.
  • 01-2018
  • Silly Sailing

    Silly Sailing is a sailing game where players can compete against others. You can use your rudder and sail to find the perfect wind in this tropical paradise. Challenge other players to find out who's the silliest sailor!
  • Shadeless

    This is a simple game where you need to spot every shade? Shadeless takes eye exercise to a extremely fun level!
  • Hero Academy 2

    CARDS, TACTICS, PvP, and MEDIEVAL MAYHEM! HERO ACADEMY returns in a brand new sequel that’s bigger, deeper, and more fun than ever! Craft your deck then plot your moves across tons of unique battle boards. Fight real-time PvP arena battles worldwide. Compete to rule the academy in the ultimate combo of card battles, tactics, and player vs. player fun!
  • Blocky Racing

    Blocky Racing is classic kart racing game madness. The game features 55 unique tracks equipped with shortcuts for advantage. New racers with varying stats based on the vehicle design can be unlocked.
  • Meteorfall: Journeys

    Meteorfall is a deck-building roguelike. You'll choose your class from one of four unique adventurers, and then set out with a deck consisting of some basic attack cards. During the course of your adventure, you'll be presented with the opportunity to add powerful new cards to your deck.

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