How to Open a Success Message Popup in Odoo

Odoo doesn’t support popup messages out of the box. There is this raise Warning(message) which opens a popup to show errors. However, you SHOULD never use them to show messages to users.

In Odoo, everything runs inside a big transaction. When there is a raised exception, Odoo will carry out a rollback in the database for all committed transactions. So it is not recommended to use this approach to show informational or success messages.

Our correct approach is to use a wizard.

Wizard class

class MyModuleMessageWizard(models.TransientModel):
    _name = 'mymodule.message.wizard'
    _description = "Show Message"

    message = fields.Text('Message', required=True)

    def action_close(self):
        return {'type': 'ir.actions.act_window_close'}


<!--Message Wizard -->
<record id="mymodule_message_wizard_form" model="ir.ui.view">
    <field name="name">mymodule.message.wizard.form</field>
    <field name="model">mymodule.message.wizard</field>
    <field name="arch" type="xml">
            <field name="message" readonly="True"/>
                <button name="action_close" string="Ok" type="object" default_focus="1" class="oe_highlight"/>

Then call the wizard from any actions.

def mymodule_open_popup(self):
    mymodule = self.get_server_info(
    message_id = self.env['mymodule.message.wizard'].create({'message': 'Your action was completed.'})
    return {
        'name': 'Message',
        'type': 'ir.actions.act_window',
        'view_mode': 'form',
        'res_model': 'mymodule.message.wizard',
        'target': 'new'

2 thoughts on “How to Open a Success Message Popup in Odoo”

    1. @api.multi is considcered as default behaviour since Odoo 13, so you don’t need the @api.multi decoration, just strating from the method.

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