Best Chromebook Brands

Chromebook has its own market share in portable device marketplace. In recent years, there are lots of Chromebooks which can hold their own against more traditional laptops. There are plenty of options for both casual and power users.

5 Best Chromebooks Brands


Asus has recently reduced the bezels around the screen, popping up larger screen sizes in more compact devices. Simply put, a 14 inch screen Chromebook is similar in size to a 13 inch device from the competition.


Samsung’s Chromebook devices come with a few upgrades in terms of performance. Not only do they boost an impressive battery life, but they also come with plenty of RAM. In other words, you can expect a top notch performance for their sizes.


Dell does not excel at anything. However, the brand has managed to find a perfect balance for its Chromebooks. They bring in a nice style, as well as great specs for a smooth performance. Everything about them is about average, including the graphics processing and the storage.


No one can do a Chromebook better than Google. Obviously, its devices are excellent for the operating system, which is stable and relatively fast. At the same time, it is worth noting that Chromebooks are less exposed to malware and viruses when compared to other similar devices.


The overall style may look a bit dull – nothing special about it. The battery life may not be the best on the market. But on the same note, you have excellent value for money. Good productivity tasks and performance will cost you less than other similar Chromebooks.

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