Odoo – Change User’s Default Page After Login

Discuss is the first page a user sees after logging in. In most cases, no one want to see Discuss as the landing page. There are many apps which depends on Discuss, so you can’t uninstall it.

Odoo starts at the page which is the first item in the menu. So the solution to change landing page is to make it the first item, which is determined by Sequence field of a menu item.

Change Menu Item position

  • Activate the developer mode – There is a link with the same anchor under Settings.
  • Access Settings > Technical > User Interface > Menu Items
  • Click on the Page you want to make it the landing page
  • Modify Sequence – The lower the number, the higher it appears on the menu. I modified Sequence to 1 for the Page I want it to appear as the landing page for all users.

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