10 Most Popular Programming Languages in 2024

Programming languages are the backbone of any computer system, and there are a lot of them out there. In this blog post I’ll be talking about some popular programming languages in order to help you decide which one is right for you. I’ll list ten of the most popular ones so that hopefully you can find one that fits your needs!

Coding is undoubtedly the most lucrative industry in this era where technology is taking over every aspect of human life. Everything else is going digital, from business to government systems.  These 10 programming languages will usher you into the exciting world of coding with style.

What Are the Most Popular Programming Languages?


This language is almost similar to Java except that it is more suitable for interactive websites such as social media ones. JavaScript is relatively simple and that makes it very popular with amateurs. This programming language is made better by the presence of many ad-ons to extend its functionality

JavaScript is a high-level, dynamic programming language that’s used to make web pages interactive. JavaScript can be used for many different things including image manipulation, form validation and animation. If you have any experience with HTML & CSS then JavaScript will almost feel natural to learn as it uses a lot of syntax from those languages.

JavaScript can be used on both the front-end AND back-end of websites which means there are plenty of jobs available! There are also plenty of free resources out there (such as Codecademy) so learning isn’t too expensive either. You don’t even need any prior coding knowledge to take these classes! Another reason why JavaScript is popular is because it’s relatively easy to learn and understand. Almost anyone can pick it up in a matter of days if they have the motivation to do so.


Python experts earn more than $11,500 in annual incomes. That says a lot about this software. Someone with the knowledge of Python can comfortably use other programming languages such as C++ and C. This language is very easy to learn and apply as well. Many startups depend on Python to build their demands. You’re assured of a Python project throughout the year.

Python is one of the most popular programming languages on the market right now and will probably stay that way for a long time! There are plenty of jobs out there demanding python developers because companies know how useful python can be (it powers so many websites!) In addition, there are tons of free resources online which makes learning Python almost free! You can take classes at sites like codecademy or break into CodeAcademy’s development track which allows you to make money by building apps/websites — all completely free if you’re motivated enough.


This programming language is suitable for statistical and analytical tasks. That makes it the perfect choice for students and professionals dealing with technical concepts. Some people find this software a little too complicated, but once you have understood it, that is it. Besides, R doesn’t normally come with a guide for the user.

R has a steep learning curve which means you’ll need to spend some time getting the hang of it before you can make anything significant. It might not be the easiest language to learn but it will probably be worth it as there are plenty of jobs out there for R developers!

A lot of companies out there have data that they want analyzed by professionals & software is often too expensive (or takes too long) so hiring an individual programmer to analyze data would cost them less money than purchasing software. The fact that R can handle such large amounts of data makes it ideal for specific tasks like these.


This is among the earliest programming languages in the field of programming. It is where beginners can get a solid foundation in coding. The use of C is diminishing because it cannot be used to perform modern-day tasks.

C is a programming language used most often for building computer software. C was created in the 70s which means the tutorials/resources available are outdated and almost useless. To top that off, there aren’t any free resources out there for learning C and personally I’d recommend avoiding it at all costs.

C isn’t in demand because there are plenty of modern programming languages available to use that are much easier to learn. Don’t waste your time or money on this language.


C++ is a relatively old programming language that relies heavily on the concepts of C. It has overtaken C in terms of popularity because it is best for arithmetic simulations and designing games.

C++ can be used for building almost anything – from systems on planes and trains to video games. There are plenty of free resources out there for learning c++ including several youtube channels, an entire wikipedia page dedicated to helping people learn it, & even college courses! It will take quite a bit of time before you’re able to build something but if you’re serious about it then the reward is well worth it.

C+ is in demand because it can be used to make anything! A lot of businesses need custom software built and C+ is one of the most popular languages out there, making it a great choice for someone wanting to start a programming career.


Although very vulnerable to security breaches, PHP is still popular with content-oriented websites. It is preferred by mass content giants such as Wikipedia. PHP is a gold-mine if you are looking for social media developers as well as WordPress users. If you learn php then you’ll be able to get jobs building/improving all sorts of things ranging from company sites to social media platforms!

The good news with learning PHP is that there are lots of tutorials online & people who will happily help you out whenever you need some assistance!

PHP is in demand because it can be used on pretty much any website! Learning php could allow you the opportunity to work with big companies like Facebook & Twitter, so if you’re interested then give it a shot.


Swift is among the best-paying programs for developers. It is normally used to write IOS and macOS programs. Not many jobs are requiring one to use this software, but the pay is nice once you land one.

Swift is a programming language used for developing apps for the iPhone, iPad & Mac. So if you’d like to learn how to build apps for apple products then swift might be worthwhile learning! I’ll admit that I don’t know very much about this language but I remember hearing it’s not too complex & there are plenty of tutorials online so give it a shot if you’re interested!

The main downside with swift is that currently there aren’t many jobs out there for developers who specialize in it, which means your chances of getting hired will probably be pretty low . However, because of its simplicity and popularity combining with Apple’s new push towards education, I expect it will only continue to grow in popularity and become much more widely used.


Go is a software that was developed by Google to be used with applications that handle large amounts of data. This programming language is used by global business giants such as Uber, Netflix, and Twitter.

The other benefit with Go is that since its open source so you can read through all the code used to build programs written in Go which will help improve your skills as a programmer down the road. One drawback with Go though is that because companies only just started using this recently not many developers specialize in it.

Thus far I’ve found very few reasons to start learning Go as there aren’t many jobs out there for developers who specialize in this . However, if you’re looking forward into the future then go might be worthwhile learning! 


C# This was another masterpiece by Microsoft, and it serves as the primary software with which Microsoft ad Windows runs. The software was not created as a learning language so it is a bit too steep for beginners.

If you’re interested in this as a career then learning C# is worth looking into! You can check out some good tutorials online or find a book that will help get you started. The downside with C# is that it’s only really useful for building software on Windows computers so other developers may see you as less valuable compared to those who know multiple languages available cross platform.

C# is also a good language to learn if you want to make games. Unity game engine uses C# and it’s a good way to get started with game making. There are also several other engines out there that use C# such as Unreal Engine if you want to build games then definitely consider learning it!


With over 29,000 jobs needing the application of java, this programming language is in high demand across all sectors. This software is perfect for client to server applications. An application that runs in java is compatible with any other platform, and that makes Java come first on our list.

Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world because pretty much every piece of technology has java running inside it somewhere! If you learn java then you’ll be able to get jobs building/improving all sorts of things ranging from computer games to mobile applications. The only downside to learning java is that there’s no easy way to learn it and will take quite a bit of time before you can understand anything substantial.

Java is in demand because most businesses rely on java-based software. If a company wants to manage inventory or create mobile apps then they’ll probably need some help from a java programmer! Java developers are also well paid so it’s an attractive field to enter into if you’re interested in making money.

Bonus: HTML / CSS

HTML and CSS aren’t recognized as programming languages but they are important pieces of creating websites.

HTML is the main building block of the web as its what’s used to create websites while css is often used to style them however some developers do specialize in both. If you’re looking for a career involving front-end development then html/css could be worthwhile learning! There are plenty of tutorials online which range from beginner, intermediate & advanced level so anyone can pick this up regardless of their experience.

As with anything on the internet, there’s a lot out there if you want to get started so go ahead and search around for some good resources! Don’t worry too much about getting things perfect at first though as you can always go back and edit them later, which is what I did when I first started.

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